Photo By: Brock University Students’ Union

The Zone is one of Brock’s hottest commodities. With the new renovations that began in late 2019 and finished in March, creating a 15,500 square foot fitness centre, the Zone has become a facility to be proud of.

Not only does the Zone offer a cycling studio, a yoga studio, and an entire section dedicated to cardio and Olympic lifting, they are now also offering women’s only programming hours.

The women-specific programming will be held in the rowing centre, which is located on the north side of the lower level of the Walker Sports Complex. 

The hours are Tuesday 5 p.m-6 p.m., Wednesday 9 a.m-10 a.m. and Thursday 5 p.m-6 p.m. Registration for these time slots opens Fridays at noon. 

For some women this is a dream come true; these hours are in place to help encourage women of all backgrounds to become more involved and to get active by offering them a safe space for working out.

Women’s only programming is striving to introduce a more safe and comfortable environment for all women, whether or not they want to learn about the equipment, different workout routines, and programming. This program is available to all individuals who identify as women. 

“Wow, I’ve been at Brock for five years now and I’ve always wanted a program like this to be in place,” said Krystil Lyttleton, a fifth-year public health student. “I have no problem working out in a gym with everyone else, but there is something about the privacy of women’s only hours that is comforting and reassuring. No one is going to be staring at me from across the gym and I won’t have to fight the guys for the machines that they are always using.” 

Indeed, women on campus are excited by the announcement. Some hope that an influx of demand for these hours may lead to Brock increasing the number of them available. For now, time will tell how popular they end up being.

You can click here to register for women-only hours at the Zone.