It has now been two weeks since in-person classes were cancelled and people began to self-isolate. In that time, simply scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and TikTok has quickly become less of a source of entertainment and more of an anxiety causing pass-time. Youtube may be suffering the most as creators struggle to come up with content while locked up in their houses. The time has come for us to entertain ourselves, so here are some ideas.

Being Productive

It may not be the most exciting way to pass time, but being productive does a lot to keep the mind sane and at peace.

Spring cleaning on an ordinary day isn’t appealing, but now that there is nothing else to do and nowhere to go, it might actually be the best thing to do. Taking everything out  of shelves and drawers and sorting them, cleaning surfaces, floors, clothes and utensils is a lot to do and can take a while. This means that Spring cleaning often ends up taking more than a day. Taking a couple of days to clean and declutter could significantly reduce the stress that can build up when confined in the house.

Try and get some course work done. There is no time like the present to get essays, assignments or regular work done. In the same way that cleaning the house can help give peace of mind, getting work done can significantly reduce stress or anxiety. Getting it out of the way sooner is always better than later and it leaves more time for you to be bored in peace.

Engage your mind

The reason why the apps mentioned before are not a sufficient long term entertainment source is because they require minimal brain activity. It’s a fun thing to do when we want to relax and take our minds off of the other things going on in our lives, but as the sole activity, it just isn’t enough.

Doing crosswords, playing Solitaire, word games, Sudoku, puzzles or other brain games are a good way to stimulate the brain for short amounts of time and ultimately makes the time spent on other apps more enjoyable.

Call a human

It sounds simple but human beings are social creatures. During self-isolation it is necessary to maintain that human connection. Social interaction is suddenly unavailable and needs to be replaced. Call or Facetime a friend or your family and just talk. It doesn’t have to be for hours and it shouldn’t be with the intention of passing time (because that puts pressure on the conversation). Instead, just connect with them. You will be surprised how much even a short conversation can assuage feelings of boredom and monotony.  

Try something new

 Lastly, try and break your everyday routine. Nobody is sure how long the quarantine and isolation are going to last, so it’s okay to try to change up your days. Thinking of things that you want to do and then spacing them out over the week, ensures that you aren’t doing exactly the same thing every day.

Of course you could actually try something new. This could be anything from just starting a new series or book, to learning a new language, taking up drawing or making and editing videos.

The point is to find ways to fill your time while staying safe in the house. It is important during this time to not just worry about your physical health, but your mental health as well. These are trying times for everyone and taking care of your sanity, in whatever form that takes, is the only way to get through it.