Photo By: Noah Nickel via IMDB

The end of the semester is in sight; April is a busy time for students with final assignments and exams coming up. On the brighter side, April is also full of exciting movie releases that can help with the stress or provide a celebratory outing if you are done with the semester.

Without further ado, here are the three most exciting movies coming out in April 2022.

3. Fantastic Beasts: The Secret of Dumbledore – In Theatres: April 15

Lots of controversy has surrounded J.K. Rowling over the past few years, and it has transferred over to her widely-known wizarding world. However, the excitement for this movie has been building for quite some time as the conflict between Dumbledore and Grindelwald is supposed to peak in this third installment.

The previous two installments were mediocre and realistically, the third won’t be any better. But the wizarding world still provides a level of nostalgia that will draw audiences to follow the story after a four-year wait. 

The Fantastic Beasts franchise has taken a different route than first envisioned. The main character from the first movie, Newt, has been completely sidelined to focus the story on Dumbledore and Grindelwald’s past. A big change in this movie is the absence of Johnny Depp as Grindelwald. However, Mads Mikkelson will surely fill the shoes left behind as he takes on the role of Grindelwald in the third installment. 

The first look at the trailer has been heavily criticized due to its monotone and boring appeal. Watch the trailer here.

2. The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent – In Theatres: April 22

Nicholas Cage and Pedro Pascal star in what is being described as the “most Nicholas Cage movie ever.” In this comedic depiction of his life, Cage plays himself, having found himself in financial ruin he is forced to accept a one million dollar offer to spend the day with a super fan. The movie takes a turn when Cage is recruited by the CIA and forced to recreate some of his most iconic roles in order to save himself.

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent is bound to be a fun watch, reliving some of Cage’s most memorable roles at this stage in his career will be an enjoyable trip down memory lane. You can watch the trailer here.

1. The Northman – In Theatres: April 22 

Robert Eggers, the director behind The Lighthouse and The Witch, takes an approach to Norse lore with The Northman, a story about a young Viking prince that goes on a quest to avenge his father’s murder. Egger’s style of filmmaking is captivating and breaks the surface level of entertainment. Audiences can expect a dark and – possibly – confusing film. 

Not to mention the amazing cast assembled, Alexander Skarsgård, Nicole Kidman, Ethan Hawke, Anya Taylor-Joy, and William Dafoe star alongside other talented and experienced actors. Expectations are high for The Northman, if it succeeds, it’s lining up to be one of the best movies of the year. You can watch the trailer here.