Photo By: Brock Lacrosse

The Brock men’s lacrosse team has been strong and competitive over the years and this one is looking to be no different. The team has many returning athletes who hold incredible talent, paired with lots of incoming players. This offers a great balance of game knowledge and experience. 

This year was difficult for recruiting because COVID-19 suppressed sports for the past two seasons, which made it hard to get new talent. Despite this challenge, the men’s lacrosse team has 35 athletes on its roster. 

“The biggest competition this year is definitely Western University. They are four-time defending champs who we’ve always had a rivalry with, plus they are always a tough game, good competition,” said Matt Attwood, a member of the coaching staff.

The team has had some practice time and with this practice comes high hopes for the rest of the season. The men’s lacrosse team has a 40 per cent decrease in their schedule this year as their usual 10 game regular season has been cut down to six. Although the championships are going to happen, the playoffs are still under revision.

“Two years with no sports has lit a fire in these athletes, they came eager to train and are hungry to win,” said Attwood. 

The women’s season started this Sunday and the team was very excited about it. The first week of practices flew by, but it was a strong first week filled with team bonding and lots of training. 

“The team is beyond thrilled to be back on the field and excited to be able to get back to a sense of normalcy again” said Meagan Boc, defenceman and sixth-year concurrent education student. “As of right now, we are going into each game knowing that we have to leave everything on the field and give each game our all.” 

Similar to the men’s schedule, the women’s season was cut significantly. They faced Western Sept. 18 where they took an 18-7 loss. They followed it up with a 9-8 loss later that same day. They will go on to play Laurier Oct. on 2, McMaster Oct. 10 and Guelph on Oct. 17. 

Similar to the men’s lacrosse team, recruiting athletes this year was difficult. This year the women’s lacrosse team has almost double the amount of rookies than usual.

“Every single player brings something different to the table and I am beyond excited to see their talents play out in the season this year,” said Boc. “After two years of not playing, I think we all noticed that we were a little more out of shape than we initially expected. However, with each practice, we have found it easier to return.” 

Boc said that the team is eager to see how the season plays out and how the team improves over the year. While she notes that the two-year break was tough, she notes that it’s nothing the team can’t overcome.

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