Homolka was born in Port Credit, ON and became the eldest of three children in her family. The family eventually moved to St. Catharines where she attended Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School. After graduation, she worked at Thorold Veterinary Clinic and Martindale Veterinary Clinic.
On Oct. 17, 1987, she met Paul Bernardo in a Scarborough restaurant, and two months later, on Dec. 24, he proposed.
Throughout their marriage, Bernardo and Homolka murdered and raped many victims, the first of which was Tammy Homolka, her sister, which the couple drugged with medicine Homolka stole from her then employer, in the summer of 1990.
From there, the couple continued to strike fear into the heart of the community, with the rape of another local minor and the rape and murder of two local teens, Leslie Mahaffy in 1991 and Kristen French in 1992.
There were also several reports of abuse on Homolka herself from her husband.
The couple had been questioned by police several times, in regards to the Scarborough Rapist investigation, which was presumed to be the work of Bernardo.
Eventually in 1993, Bernardo’s DNA was matched with that from the Scarborough Rapist, and was placed under 24-hour surveillance. Soon after Homolka submitted herself to cooperate fully in the investigation, and sought immunity with her lawyer based on her cooperation. She was then placed under 24-hour surveillance as well.
On May 5, 1993, the government offered Homolka a 12-year sentence plea bargain based on her participation, which she eventually accepted. Furthering the controversy of the case, Homolka’s plea bargain was handed down before the infamous video tapes of the crimes had been introduced to the case; tapes that show Homolka torturing and sodomizing many of the couples’ victims.
After participating in Bernardo’s case until 1995, she was sent back to Kingston’s Prison for Women to serve the remainder of her sentence. Due to her risk to re-offend and the numerous alleged sexual relationships she held in prison, Homolka did not apply for parole.
She was released July 4, 2005. A two-day hearing before her release had Judge Jean R. Beaulieu deem Homolka as a remaining risk to the public-at-large, which resulted in release conditions, requiring her to provide local police with information, including her home address, work address and whom she lives with, along with other information. If these terms were violated, it would mean an immediate two-year prison sentence for Homolka.
However on Nov. 30, 2005, these restrictions were lifted by a Quebec Superior Court Judge, claiming there was not enough evidence to justify them.
Since 2005, Karla Homolka has adopted a new name, – Leanne Teale – and in February of 2007 she gave birth to a baby boy. There has been no release of the fathers name, though there have been many reports of an alleged marriage to another former inmate.