For a while there I really didn’t think I’d be able to do it, but somehow I managed to write 2,000-ish words per week for 24 editions of The Brock Press’ Sports & Wellness Section… without any Brock sports to write about. Historically, my section’s storylist has always been the easiest to make, as the articles were essentially handed to us via the calendar. Hockey on Thursday, basketball on Friday and Saturday, volleyball on Sunday, perfect, there’s five pages of sports right there. So I guess it was only fair that now I actually had to grind out story ideas week after week. I am extremely appreciative to everyone who took the time out of their days to talk to me for an article — from professors to coaches to Badger alumni — you were all a big help. I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention the countless unrequited emails that I sent out over the course of the year (there were many). You are all the reasons why a goofy article about apples that I wrote inexplicably made it onto the front page of one of our issues. It’s certainly been a year for adjustments here at the Press — I think our staff went from 12 to seven, not to mention working exclusively online — but I think we handled it well and still managed to pump out interesting content week after week. All credit goes to Emma for leading this organization over the past year-plus. In terms of actual school, while the online delivery was not nearly as good as in-person classes, I’ve got to say, I loved being able to watch a lecture on double speed. That was a godsend. Between that and open-book exams, I really don’t have too much to complain about academically (except for this mandatory quantitative research class I’m currently taking right now, I forgot how numerically inept I am). With that being said, this semester I have zero exams and instead have five major projects, which is really f’ing brutal. It definitely got a little boring at times during the year (especially because SPMA is one of the more… manageable programs in terms of workload), but I played through both Red Dead Redemption games which ate up a lot of my spare time. I bought the first Red Dead for like 10 bucks on Xbox 360 and got 100 per cent completion relatively quickly. Then I bought Red Dead 2 for the PS4 and holy shit is that a massive game. I had heard the stories, but I was still too cocky. I got to 96.7 per cent completion after like two/three months before putting it down (as soon as I read the gambling challenges I was out — I have no idea how to play poker or dominoes). Both games are incredible in their own way though. Anyway, as vaccination rates slowly but surely begin to climb, I’m cautiously optimistic that we will get back to normal life relatively soon. Both of my grandparents got their first dose and have appointments for their second dose in a few months. Although my demographic is pretty much the lowest on the totem pole in terms of priority, I’m hopeful that I can get mine sometime in the summer. Next year will be my final year at Brock and again, I’m cautiously optimistic that we’ll be able to get back on campus ahead of it. We better, because I have a pair of shoes that have been sitting in my desk drawer at The Brock Press office that have been there since March 2020 and I’d really like to get those back.