Photo By: Brock U K-Pop Club

The North American interest in Korean culture has recently reached new heights, thanks to the likes of music acts like BTS and Netflix’s new hit series Squid Game. Now, for the first time ever, students who are interested in k-pop and Korean culture can join a growing community at Brock to share in their appreciation together. 

Going into her fourth year, Silvana Nguyen didn’t want to miss the opportunity to meet people with shared interests. So, she started the Brock K-Pop Club, and in two short months, it has grown to almost 100 members.

“We offer [a space] for any individual that loves k-pop, or Korean culture, [serving as a] social club, where we get together and share our interests,” said Nguyen, club President.

Whether it is to learn dance choreography, to share thoughts on new shows, or to just talk with other Korean culture fans, the Brock K-Pop Club offers many different ways to get involved, meet new people, and have fun.

The club offers dance workshops which will run weekly until the end of November, and then will resume next semester until the end of March. No experience is necessary to join the workshops; they are for anyone wanting to learn how to dance. These workshops cover choreography from both male and female k-pop groups. The teachers, for now, are just Nguyen and Geovanna Kasprowicz. However, anyone wanting to host a workshop will be able to get in contact with Nguyen in the future.

It is worth noting that the club is not only about dance, as there are other events for members to attend, as well as some upcoming collaborations with other clubs that will lead to future projects.

“We are hoping to [incorporate] vocals. I know some people are interested in learning Hangul, [so] Korean lessons are in mind, as well as a variety of other [events],” said Nguyen. 

Another event that they host regularly is called tea time, which runs on the Discord app monthly. During tea time, members can discuss new music videos, new k-dramas, or catch up on news. Also, trivia time and movie and tv show streams happen more sporadically, usually during holidays.  

Their biggest hope for next year is to be able to host in-person events. For now, the club’s events are all hosted online.

Anyone looking for a like-minded community to discuss Korean culture with should definitely consider checking out the Brock K-Pop Club.

For more information visit their Instagram @brocku_kpop, where you can find the membership application form and their Discord link.