Photo By: Brock GoLive Club

The GoLive club is the first of its kind, and it aims to connect people through music and provide a platform for anyone wanting to perform live.  

The resounding message of the club is that no experience is necessary to join, nor are the performances limited to singing. Most members play an instrument, some at a beginner level. Anyone interested in anything related to music is encouraged to perform.

“[We are] a live music club for students interested in music, [where] we give students a stage where they can perform and express themselves,” said Sarah Asif, club President.

The club currently meets through Discord where they hold their main event, Jam Sessions. During these sessions, anyone is free to join and talk about music and take the stage to perform a piece. Due to noise-canceling guidelines on Discord, the drums have to be silenced, but every other instrument can be heard by all other members.

Apart from the Jam Sessions, the club holds events throughout the year. At the moment they’re collaborating with the K-Pop Club on an Instagram challenge.

The club exists just for members to have fun; there is no obligation to play or sing anything, people can join just to discuss music or enjoy the performances. It is the perfect way to get out of one’s comfort zone and meet like-minded people. 

The club continues to grow and looks forward to in-person Jam Sessions, but for now it holds strong with online meetings.

“People don’t join [because] they think we are professionals, but I tell everyone that we are just students. You don’t need to be good or have any experience, you can just come in,” said Asif. “Before joining this club [in 2019], I went to one of the jam sessions, [and that was the] first time I sang was on stage and it was the best thing ever. People need to do this, it is so much fun.”

Members and club executives play music of all genres, and it is this variety that at the end of the day brings everyone together. No matter what genre of music you want to perform, everything is welcomed at GoLive.

For more information visit their Instagram @golivebrocku or email them at [email protected].