Editorial: Reflections on 2020

Photo Credit: Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash. I feel like it has been a decade, if not longer, since we raised our glasses to ring in the new year. Believe it or not, we have only just passed the halfway point of this tumultuous year. It is hard to quantify the grief and...

Drake maintains his thrown in the rap game with new releases

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com Drake’s latest hit “Only You Freestyle” and his features on “POPSTAR,” and “GREECE,” live up to every undying expectation of greatness that we push onto the Canadian artist. All three songs are top-notch and add onto...

The Kissing Booth 2: how bad can romance movies get?

Photo Credit: DFree / Shutterstock.com I don’t like to write scathing reviews, really I don’t. But movies like “The Kissing Booth 2” leave me absolutely no other option. I hate to admit it, but I am a lifelong sucker for romance movies. Whether it be a classic like ...

Swift’s folklore: the surprise album I didn’t know I needed

Photo Credit: Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com. “Our Song” and “You Belong with Me,” by Taylor Swift were milestone songs in my teenage years and I can still recite every word to this day. If you ever ask me to do so in person, you’re in for a show.  There was nothing...

Power ranking: online workouts

Photo credit: Derrick McKinney on Unsplash. As gyms remain closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, many have turned to online workouts to get some physical activity while at home. And as one of those people, I have searched high and low for effective ways to exercise in...
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    • University Secretariat kicks off Brock Senate elections

      University Secretariat kicks off Brock Senate elections

      Brock University Senate 2020-21 election processes started on Monday, February 24, when the University Secretariat opened nominations and released the electorate list. Brock University has a bi-cameral governance system, meaning it is comprised of two governing...

      Tips for managing finances at university

      Tips for managing finances at university

      Course work is not the only lesson students have to learn at university. Managing finances can be equally as challenging as other areas of study. Now that tuition is paid and September is over there are still many months left of the school year. Budgeting the money...

      Federal Election weekly recap

      Federal Election weekly recap

      The Green Party released their full campaign platform, Maxime Bernier is officially invited to the debates and Justin Trudeau made international headlines for donning both blackface and brownface. Learn more with the Federal Election Weekly Recap. The Green Party...

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    • What it’s like to be a woman in St. Catharines

      What it’s like to be a woman in St. Catharines

        The US federal election had promised to be a major milestone in politics for women, with a female candidate, Hillary Clinton, seeming to be the obvious choice at least as far spectators outside of the country thought. Her dreams of ‘shattering the glass...

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    • Little Women: A new take on an old story

      Little Women: A new take on an old story

      First published in the late 1860s, Little Women is a timeless tale made new again by Greta Gerwig’s film adaptation. Each scene in this film is crafted with adoration for the original story, while still shining a new light on the March sisters. The non-linear...

      Fire by the Silos: Metal album of the year

      Fire by the Silos: Metal album of the year

      Becoming a well-known musician is a strange process nowadays. Decades ago, you’d send off a demo tape to some major record labels, hope they’d like what you’re doing and then have an album and shows bankrolled for you. Nowadays however, major label attention is...

      Boygenius’ killer collaborative EP

      Boygenius’ killer collaborative EP

      If you’re into sad songs written by young, incredibly talented people, it’s a wonderful time to be alive. The kids of the emo scene are all grown up now and some have found their own way into the music industry. It’s not the eyeliner-clad heavy rock scene that it was...

      Ariana Grande moves on with “Thank U, Next”