Photo By: Roman Kraft from Unsplash

Now that we’re approaching the start of a new school year, with new information related to COVID-19 and campus reopening coming in constantly, it is important to keep up with the latest news and to be prepared for changes as they come.

To that end, here are five simple ways you can stay well informed throughout the semester.

Routinely check your student email 

New students will probably hear this a lot, but it cannot be stressed enough; while not everything that comes to your Brock email will be relevant or interesting to you, that email is the primary way important information is sent to students by the university. It’ll be a lot easier to navigate this semester by making a point to stay on top of the emails in your inbox.

Engage with Brock’s media outlets

Brock has three media outlets that consistently provide information and updates to students throughout the academic year, namely, Brock News, BrockTV and The Brock Press. Brock News is published by the university’s Marketing and Communications office, while BrockTV and The Brock Press are student-led. All three of these outlets actively seek contributions from students, so there are always opportunities for new students to share their ideas and relevant information with the wider Brock community.

Ensure your student information is current

Making sure that your contact information and current residential address are correct and up to date is always important. Accurate contact information helps Brock keep you updated, successfully contact trace if needed and reach those students who are living off-campus with services and support. 

Use the proper channels to seek answers and ask questions

There is a lot of information out there and it can be challenging to know where to find it all. The most reliable way to get the information you need is from the people whose job it is to help you as a student. At Brock, there are several offices and resources willing to answer questions and guide students to the resources they may need. A great place to start is Brock Central at the Registrar’s Office. Their staff members have a wide knowledge of campus and are eager to help. There’s also A-Z Learning Services, Brock International, Student Health Services and many, many more.

Conveniently, Brock also provides a regularly updated online directory with the full scope of offices and relevant contact information on their website.

Follow trustworthy social media accounts 

Social media is an effective way to share information, but it can also be a space for misinformation to spread fast. There are many accounts that share news about things happening at Brock, but they are not always official sources. As new students it is important to follow accounts that are trustworthy. If you’re looking for campus updates, news and events, @BrockUniversity and @BrockBusu are good accounts to follow on Twitter and Instagram.

It is important to note that as effective of a tool as it is, social media isn’t always the first thing to be updated and likely won’t have the full context of the information being shared, so keep that in mind.

The Brock Press releases articles on a weekly basis covering a variety of on and off-campus events, clubs and activities. Interested students are encouraged to engage with TBP at