Photo By: Noah Nickel via Netflix

*WARNING: This review contains spoilers.*

Selling Sunset has returned to Netflix for a fourth season filled with top-notch real estate, striking views, and of course, plenty of drama.

For new viewers, the reality show follows realtors from The Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles, California as they sell multi-million-dollar properties on the golden coast.

Season three ended with Chrishell’s tearful exit from Christine’s wedding after Davina’s incessant probing about the details surrounding her divorce. Season four picks up almost one year later, with a nine-month pregnant Christine who, in true Christine fashion, throws an elaborate jungle-themed baby shower for herself. The invite list strangely includes three sloths and an exotic bird, but only half of the brokerage.

In Christine’s absence, Jason and Brett bring in two new agents: Vanessa and Emma. These two seemingly innocent hires stir up quite a bit of drama during their first few weeks in the office when word gets out that Emma and Christine share an ex-boyfriend.

This becomes the season’s central conflict and quickly grows to include the rest of the office. Christine and Emma tell very different versions of the timeline of their relationship with said boyfriend and the other realtors are quick to back Emma’s story.

While the season certainly delivered on the theatrics, long-time fans will likely be disappointed by the lack of actual real estate featured in each episode. While seasons one and two showed us the intricate details of these glamourous homes, seasons three and four focused much more heavily on the team’s personal lives and internal conflicts. There’s no denying the entertainment value there, but the Real Housewives-esque drama gets old pretty quick.

This season was also controversial because of the way Christine was depicted post-partum. Less than two weeks after giving birth, Christine struts back into the Oppenheim Group office wearing a designer dress and her classic five-inch stilettos. The rest of the agents can’t seem to stop talking about how quickly she recovered after her alleged emergency c-section, and how enviable her post-partum physique is. This was met with backlash online from people who also went through traumatic birth experiences, citing the show was promoting an unrealistic standard for new mothers. 

Theories have surfaced online suggesting that Christine didn’t carry her baby at all, and instead used a surrogate. This would explain how she was able to return to work merely weeks after her baby was born, and made almost no changes to her wardrobe or lifestyle throughout her pregnancy.

The show has already been renewed for a fifth season, and we catch a glimpse of what’s to come in the final episode. In the preview, we see Chrishell and Jason cozying up together in a plot twist that absolutely no one saw coming. It’s expected that season five will follow their budding relationship as well as Christine’s official return to the office.

But that’s only speculation, for now. In the meantime, fans of the show are sure to enjoy season four. Take the time over the winter break to give it a watch, you won’t be disappointed.