It’s weird to think that we’ve reached the final issue of The Brock Press for this academic year and we managed to deliver it completely online for the first time ever. If you told me when I was reassigned to my role as News Editor in early 2020 that I would have to manage the entire news section remotely (and over an hour away from St. Catharines) I honestly might not have taken the job. Nonetheless, we were thrown into a pretty difficult year that no one could expect and yet, despite it all, we did some stellar work this year as a team. I think the most difficult thing that I constantly faced in my role this year was finding stories to cover. The news section tends to be the most content-heavy part of the paper and in a typical year it usually takes quite a bit of effort to put together a weekly storylist. With all the lockdowns, closures, restrictions and cancellations that we’ve been experiencing, finding newsworthy events was made even harder. Thankfully, there were countless local organizations and Brock groups who engaged with our newspaper so regularly that the section was never short of stories. One of the biggest things this experience has taught me is how important it is to maintain good relations with your team members and organizational partners. They can come through for you when you need them. That’s something I won’t be forgetting any time soon. The paper has definitely done well over the past year. Having been here for almost all of my undergrad at this point, I can safely say that this year’s staff has been one of the best I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Without everyone working together, there’s no way the paper could have kept going as well as it did. As hard as this year has been, I think it has facilitated us modernizing a lot of the ways in which we do things and how we deliver our content. There have been tons more people reaching out to me now that we’ve really embraced having a stronger online presence, which has just been stellar. Our editorial process has also gotten a whole lot more streamlined and, as an organization, I think this year we published some of the best work we’ve put out since I’ve been here. Outside of my time with the paper, this year has had its ups and downs. It was pretty hard to cope with everything going on, but I found it easier when I fixed my perspective. I had to decide through what new lens I wanted to see and live life. I started being conscious about the little control we have over life. I became more aware that things can change in a matter of seconds. One of the bigger lessons I learned was that we can’t take anything for granted. I had to learn that change, no matter what it is or how it occurs, is good, because it opens the path for growth in so many ways. With all that said, I am incredibly thankful for this year. I’ve definitely grown to become a way better writer than I was a year ago and it’s already helped me in my endeavours beyond the paper. Despite all the challenges we faced, we managed to consistently put out a high-quality publication, which is honestly just amazing. I have no idea where the rest of the year will take us (individually or as an organization) but I’ve got very high hopes for the future.