Photo By: Jack Fordyce via Shutterstock

It has been three years since the music world lost a very talented artist, Mac Miller. While he is gone, he is still very much in our hearts. 

Artists and fans remembered his legacy on Tuesday, Sept. 7, which marked the third anniversary of his death.

Early last year, fans were surprised by the release of Circles, his final album, which was released post-mortem, providing closure to a successful career. The release was unexpected, as after the shocking news of his death fans had sadly accepted that there would not be any new music ever again from Miller.

Since his death, he has been featured on other artists’ albums. Free Nationals’ debut album in 2019 featured Miller alongside Kali Uchis on the song “Time”. The combination of Free Nationals with Kali and Miller is a match made in heaven; all three complement each other well, with Free Nationals’ melody, Kali’s vocals, and Miller’s large presence making it a very smooth song to listen to. 

More recently, Miller appeared on “I Believed It”, a song by dvsn, the Canadian R&B duo, and Ty Dolla $ign’s newest album Cheers to the Best Memories. dvsn offers a melody that matches Miller’s rhythm and style, while Ty Dolla $ign offers a contrasting tone that still works for this song. It is a match I would not have thought of, but still works in a great way. It is great to see Miller being featured in songs even years after his death.

All we can do in 2021 is go back and listen to his older albums. But for those who still want a fresh experience, it is worth revisiting one of his alter egos. In 2012, Mac released You under the name of Larry Lovestein & The Velvet Revival. The album is full of love ballads, soft jazz, and intimate lyrics. There is even a purely instrumental song that manages to encapsulate the entire feel of the album. This is a different Miller — this is Larry Lovestein — but it has the same energy that he put into his other work. 

Another album to revisit is 2016’s The Divine Feminine, featuring artists like Anderson .Paak, CeeLo Green, Kendrick Lamar, and Ariana Grande. This album has some memorable Miller songs, with a combination of instruments and beats that make a soft melody accompanied by lyrics worthy of dedicating to your significant other. Songs like “Congratulations,” “Dang!” “Stay,” and “My Favorite Part,” make this an album to remember.

2015’s GO:OD AM and 2018’s Swimming are his two most known albums, with the list of classic songs from both of these deserving an article on their own. They both contrast each other, as GO:OD AM is more upbeat and the lyrics are more lively, while Swimming has more melancholic melodies and sadder lyrics.

His other albums: Watching Movies with the Sound Off, Macadelic, Blue Slide Park, and K.I.D.S. all hold a special place in the hearts of day-one fans. With only 10 years between the release of his first and last album, Miller’s growth and maturity are quite noticeable as he progressed through his short music career. 

Like many great artists, Mac is gone too soon but not forgotten, and with the legacy he has left behind, we won’t forget him any time soon. Thank you for the company, thank you for the memories, and thank you for your art. What would the world be without his music?