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Well, here we are. A university newspaper’s sports section with no university sports in sight. A lesser newspaper would have given up by now, thrown in the towel, packed it up and headed home and decided to try again next year. But not us, not The Brock Press. In the face of adversity, we persist. Why would you skip the news section if there was no sports section at the end? 


When all else fails, we bring you power rankings. We give you the answers for the questions you never knew you were asking, like what’s the best online workout routine? What is the definitive GOAT of Ontario Apples? Which water bottle company makes the best plastic water bottles? And now this week, I’m going to tell you who the cutest power couple in all of sports is. 


I’m a simple woman; I like sports and I’m a hopeless romantic. So why not throw those two things together? To qualify as a professional sports power couple, two people must: 1) currently be in a romantic relationship and 2) both be active or retired professional athletes. Simple, right? Now let’s get into it. 


  1. Caroline Ouelette and Julie Chu

On the ice, the American and Canadian women’s hockey teams couldn’t hate each other more. The rivalry is bitter, physical and heated. Off the ice, though, they can’t seem to stop marrying each other. 


Caroline Ouelette and Julie Chu are part of a long, proud tradition of women’s hockey rivals from either side of the border tying the knot. For example, former American captain Meghan Duggan and former Canadian captain Gillian Apps have been married since 2018. If you wrote a Romeo and Juliet style rom-com about this people would call it unrealistic. 


Both Chu and Ouelette coach women’s hockey at Concordia University and, following the birth of their second child in May, Ouelette was named the interim head coach while Chu was on maternity leave. I can’t think of anything more worthy of the title of power couple than having a baby, taking maternity leave and being able to say, “Don’t worry, my wife, who is also a four time Olympic hockey player, can coach while I’m gone.”


  1. P.K. Subban and Lindsey Vonn

It all started with an ESPN interview at the ESPYs in 2017. It was NHL defender P.K. Subban’s first trip to the ESPYs. The interviewer asked him about the weather and P.K. Subban took the opportunity to shoot his shot when he said, “It’s hotter outside than Lindsey Vonn looks today, which is pretty hot.” Vonn, a three time Olympic gold medalist ski racer, didn’t give Subban a shot until nearly a year later. They started dating in 2018. Subban proposed to Vonn in August of 2019 and Vonn gave him an engagement ring for Christmas that same year because, “men deserve engagement rings too”.


From P.K.’s flirting via the red carpet interview at the ESPYs to his ridiculously mushy quote to Vogue magazine that, “Lindsey’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” in 2019, this power couple ends up in the hall of fame of sports power couples. 


They also have a fourth of July tradition; a “who wore it better” swimsuit competition that is… iconic to say the least. 


  1. Zach and Julie Ertz

When Zach Ertz scored the Super Bowl winning touchdown in 2017 for the Philadelphia Eagles, his wife Julie was in the crowd to celebrate. When the United States won the 2019 FIFA world cup, he was there to return the favour, leaning over the stands as she jumped up to kiss him. 


As far as first meetings go, theirs is suitably power couple-y. Julie was at a baseball game at Stanford University, Zach offered her some sunflower seeds, they started talking and the rest is history. Sidenote, if you can watch someone eat sunflower seeds and still want to marry them, then it’s absolutely meant to be. 


On kind of a serious note, the way that they respect each other as athletes and people is genuinely very sweet. Zach invited Julie to Eagles camp so she could try her hand as a kicker. He’s also always the first person to call someone out when they refer to her as “Zach Ertz’s wife,” instead of talking about any one of her other accomplishments. If your boyfriend doesn’t go that hard to defend your reputation, then just throw the whole boyfriend away, you can do better. 


1.Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird

Every other power couple should just go home at this point. In fact, maybe we should all go home at this point, because Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe have set the standards for love so high that I fear the rest of us may never come close to the sheer power that these two have. 


Megan Rapinoe became a household name in 2019 during the USWNT’s dominance at the FIFA world cup. She had pink hair and iconic celebrations and she pissed off American President Donald Trump and a bunch of dudes on Reddit simply by being cool. Sue Bird should be a household name whether you follow the WNBA or not. She’s played basketball in three different decades and won four WNBA championships with the team that drafted her, the Seattle Storm. 


This year’s WNBA championships were notably lacking in fans as they played inside of a bubble, but the Seattle Storm always had at least one fan in attendance. That’s right, Megan Rapinoe lived in the WNBA bubble for months so that she could be courtside when her girlfriend won her fourth championship. 


They write Players’ Tribune articles that are equal parts love letters and equal parts hyping each other up. They do charity work and activism together and they were the first openly gay couple to appear in ESPN’s The Body Issue. Oh, and they’re both really good at their respective sports. Like, they’re both, ‘I’d need a separate article to list all the accomplishments,’ level-good at their respective sports. 


If these professional sports power couples don’t make you believe in true love then I don’t think anything will.