Photo By: Stephen Leithwood

The Brock men’s lacrosse team had a phenomenal 5-1 regular season. Their season started with a two game win streak after games against McMaster (15-6) and Guelph (10-8). Unfortunately, the Badgers encountered a 15-8 loss to Western during the third week of the season. Following that loss though, the Badgers started a new two-game win streak after winning against Laurier (17-2) and Western (13-8), followed by another win against the University of Guelph this past Sunday (18-6).

The first game, which was also the first win for the Badgers this season, really set the tone for what they intended to accomplish this year. The Badgers faced the McMaster Marauders; team captains Alexander Pace, Macgregor Allen, Sam LeClair and Simon Bellamy did a great job leading this team and securing the first victory of the season.

The second game of the season against the University of Guelph was also an incredible win for the Badgers (10-8). It was a highlight game for goalie Simon Bellamy. Leclair had an amazing game along with Nathan Baniff. The Badgers rallied through this game to gather a lead over the Gryphons and secured the win. 

The Badgers’ first loss of the year (8-15) to Western ruined their longtime regular-season win-streak, but gave the team that extra kick they needed in order to clean up their game and take the season further with playoffs.

The fourth game of the season, also the Badgers’ highest-scoring game of the season, had the team fired up for an incredible win against Wilfrid Laurier University. The Badgers fought hard and were able to double the lead over Laurier and come out with the win.

The Badgers took on Western once again in their fifth regular-season game where they beat the Mustangs 13-8. The Badgers were not planning to lose to Western again and their playing spoke for itself. Incredible player development and game plays were evident during this game, which allowed the Badgers to come out on top this time around.

The last regular season game for the Badgers versus the Guelph Gryphons this past Sunday was a crowd pleaser. The team pulled out all the tricks in the book and fought hard to finish the game with a win, securing them first place heading into the post-season.

The Badgers played an amazing game, which was made evident by the early lead they secured over the Gryphons. While the Badgers lost to the Gryphons in game three 10-8, this week they were able to almost double the number of goals scored against Guelph and only allowed Guelph to score a total of seven.

Catch the Badgers lacrosse team as they compete in the playoffs; exact dates and times of playoff matchups are still being determined.