Photo Credit: Edwin Hooper via Unsplash


Emma Kirwin:

Once the pandemic is over, whatever “over” may look like, I hope that we keep up the good practices we have learned during this time. Whether it’s more frequent hand washing, wearing a mask in high-traffic areas or whatever else. Now, does that mean I want to be wearing a mask 24/7? No, but I think there is no harm in normalizing practices that protect our health. I hope we can all be cognizant of hygiene and good practices when it comes to protecting ourselves and those around us.


Once it is safe to do so, I am excited to see my friends without the restraints of social distancing. I am ready to go out and get dinner or go on a weekend getaway without having to Google what “zone” we are in or what safety measures we must adhere to. Being able to live without constantly thinking of COVID-19 is the real light at the end of the tunnel for me.

Noah Nickel:

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I’m really excited to get back to movie theatres once they reopen. Beyond that though, most of what I’m looking forward to is a bit further down the line, like post-vaccine. The main thing for me is being able to go on vacation. I don’t really care where, or who it’s with, I just want to go somewhere warm near a beach to relax. 


While I’m mostly excited for life to get back to normal (or close to it), there is something about having classes at home that I really enjoy and that I think I’ll miss. There’s nothing like turning off my video to make a snack, laying down for a minute or otherwise procrastinating in ways that aren’t possible when class is in person. I’m not sure my attention span can handle three-hour in-person classes anymore. 


If anything is going to stick with me post-pandemic, I think it would most likely be wearing masks. It seems kind of like a no-brainer now to just throw one on in places like grocery stores. I mean, what’s the harm?

Mackenzie Gerry:

I think what I’m most looking forward to post-pandemic is returning to a normal life. I miss being able to go out to restaurants with my friends and attending sporting events. However, when the pandemic ends, I think people should still be more aware of how they are feeling and still take some stronger health and safety precautions. 


Since we’ve never been in a pandemic (and hopefully will never be in one again) I hope everyone has learned to take nothing for granted! I never thought I’d be saying “a year ago today was the last basketball game I was at”. It puts you through a bunch of emotions and I think that’s something I won’t miss once we are able to return to normal. 


Now a year into the pandemic, I can’t wait until we are all able to get vaccinated and do whatever we please. It seems like a stretch right now, but I do see things returning to normal in the near future. In the meantime, wash your hands, wear a mask, stay six feet apart, FaceTime with your friends and just be safe.

Chad Ellis:

Lately I’ve been finding myself wondering a lot about how life will be after the pandemic is behind us. While it will definitely take some time before the trauma from this whole ordeal goes away, the biggest thing I’m looking forward to is being able to feel safe leaving the house.


I know, it sounds simple, but I can only vaguely remember what it was like to leave my house and not have to worry about following health and safety protocols. It’s even harder for me to remember a time when I got home after doing anything at all outside and not wondering if I somehow managed to contract the virus.

Being outside, whether to shop or to go for a walk, has always been therapeutic for me. Sure, I can technically still do that now, but the feeling isn’t the same because of that constant worry. I really value having peace of mind and it’s honestly been hard to have that with all the risks that come with just leaving your house to do anything. 


With all that said, I think I can safely say that the most enjoyable thing for me whenever this all ends will be having the ability to leave my house with no concerns beyond getting to my destination.

Jonah Dayton:

I guess I’m just looking forward to having actual options when it comes to doing stuff, you know? Now it’s pretty much… backyard or walk? Both are pretty bad options. 


The past year has really made me realize just how strong the human immune system is — like how did we not get sick more often before? It’s kind of shocking when you consider all the germy things we’d do on a daily basis: we’d get on the bus, hold onto the poles (or loops, if you’re a madman), then go touch the keyboards and computers in the library, often with like a bagel in the other hand too. 


That being said, it’s been a year since I’ve played in a pickup run and I can’t wait to get back to doing that again, though basketball has got to be the worst sport for physical distancing/hygiene. I mean, Steve Nash would literally lick his hands before every free throw. 


My dad and I were also supposed to go to Pittsburgh to see the Jays play at gorgeous PNC Park last summer, but obviously that got cancelled. So while Noah’s on a beach drinking sangria number three, I’ll be in Pittsburgh watching baseball!

Holly Morrison:

The thing that I miss doing more than anything else is standing in a room with 20-30 friends/loose acquaintances and breathing the same air. That’s kind of a joke, but it’s also really not. Whether it was at a house party or a seminar in Mackenzie Chown, I didn’t realize how much I like being around other people until I wasn’t able to be around them anymore. 


I fully plan on going to as many events as I can. While I love a good concert, the thing I miss more than anything else is live sports. Despite being a lifelong Toronto Maple Leafs fan, I’ve never actually been to a game in person, so that’s something I definitely plan on changing the literal second I feel safe to do so. 


I’m also going to lick a doorknob, just because I can.