Photo By: Noah Nickel via Netflix

The lovable heist crew is back and currently trending at number one in Canada and other parts of the world on Netflix. Money Heist released the first half of its fifth season  and it left audiences in shock and impatient as they await the second half.

For those who are new or need a refresher, the crew is still at the Royal Mint of Spain awaiting instructions from the professor. He is the mastermind of the operations and the driving force that keeps everyone organized; he is always one step ahead of the enemy but this time finds himself in trouble. 

Part 5 was released on Friday, Sept. 3, and continues to resolve the shocking ending from the previous part. People can expect the “sit on the edge of the seat” thrills that the show is known for, and the uncertainty that the characters face continue in this newest installment. After spending so many hours with these characters, it is hard not to care for them and root for their success. Don’t get too attached though, characters find themselves in tight situations all throughout the season and fans should know by now that heists are dangerous, and no one is safe.

After a long wait, audiences near the end of the show with Part 5’s gripping storyline. With just five episodes, each one ending in a cliff-hanger, it’s tempting to binge-watch in one sitting. 

This new season still incorporates flashbacks to give us more background of familiar characters like Tokyo, Denver, and Julia. These flashbacks are intimate and slow; it gives a good change of pace to the thrilling and anxiety-inducing heist scenes. They also show another side to these characters which makes the audience care for them even more.

In these flashbacks, viewers are also introduced to a new character. He has not appeared in the present moment, and we can only assume that he will play a big part in the second half of the season which releases in early December 2021. The character introduced is the professor’s nephew. The flashbacks show how the professor’s brother introduces his nephew into their world through small jobs, preparing him for a bigger one.

People who want to start from the beginning can expect great character arcs, plot twists, and the satisfaction of watching the professor’s brilliance unravel as his heist progresses. Each episode, which have running times that fall between 40 and 50 minutes, ends on cliffhangers that make the audience want to binge each season in one go. 

Money Heist’s success story is an interesting one. After airing unsuccessfully on a Spanish channel, the show was about to be canceled before Netflix bought it. The first two parts started streaming under the radar on Netflix near the end of 2017. Despite not being heavily marketed, the show became the most-watched non-English speaking show on Netflix in early 2018.

After its success, Netflix decided to renew the show and make the third part. With a bigger budget and a bigger marketing campaign, the heist crew was back and with a new story. The show grew to be one of the most-streamed pieces of content on Netflix. It is hard to imagine a world without Money Heist and the impact it’s made. Netflix certainly hit the jackpot by reviving the show.

Overall, Money Heist: Part 5 delivers what fans were waiting for. It checks off all the boxes and matches the expectation it has grown to be known for as we are now left hanging for the second half coming in a few months.