Photo By: Brock Photography Club

The Brock Photography Club provides a space for anyone wanting to learn new things or improve their existing photography skills, despite currently only operating in an online capacity.

“The main goal [is] to create a community of photographers at every single level, whether you have a phone, DSLR, even a film camera. If it shoots pictures you can join,” said Gurvinder Thiara, President of the Brock Photography Club. “We want to create a community where people can share their experience, ideas, and thoughts, and learn off each other.”

It has not been easy, but the club has been able to adapt some of their planned events to an online format; the main one being their workshops. The workshops are facilitated by the executive members, but other members with experience working in photography and local photography companies can also be involved in certain sessions. The structure of the workshops depends on what the members want, if they either want something more professional or something simpler, the club is happy to set it up. 

“We get a general consensus from our Discord chats or anyone who attends the meetings, to figure out what to teach at the workshops [asking questions such as], what applications do you use, how to use them, what is your skill level,” said Daanyal Nicholas, Vice President of the Brock Photography Club. “We assess different things based on them to cater to what they need.”

Indeed, there are a lot of editing applications out there to cater to a wide audience, and the club’s workshops teach members how to use some of these.

During COVID-19, these workshops have not been held as regularly and the photography walk events, where members would meet up and take pictures either on hikes or in the city, have also been put on hold. However, the club hopes to resume these when it is safe to do so.

“It has been somewhat of a challenge [with COVID-19], photography is more of a hands-on experience, you only learn when you are actually taking pictures,” said Thiara. “We try to provide tips online, and resources on how we can help people edit.” 

The main source of communication and meeting is now through the club’s Discord channel. There is a video on their Instagram page explaining how to join. 

“We are used to going out as a group and taking photos, now we are only able to go online,” said Brenden Cowan, the club’s Social Media Coordinator. “We do [our] meetings over Discord [where] all our members talk and contribute and share photos, it is a generalized space where everyone can talk about photography.”

Members comfortable with their skill level and wanting to expand their hobby into a job will be happy to hear that there are a lot more events than just practice workshops. Pre-COVID-19 opportunities such as wedding gigs, and the chance to photograph other club events come up pretty often. 

Now, during COVID-19, these opportunities have become less frequent, but still possible. The hope is that these opportunities pick up when in-person events resume.

This year the club saw an increase in membership compared to last year, there are currently 30 members. 

“We are still growing. I’d like to say that each year we make it a better experience, building upon [the last],” said Thiara.

The Brock Photography Club is still waiting for the next step that will give its members that hands-on experience they want, but any student wanting to join a sharing community is still able to get involved today.  

Membership fees have been waived this year since all clubs are online, and people are still able to join throughout the year. For more information visit their Instagram @brockphotoclub, where you can stay up to date with their events and find the link to their Discord.