The Centre for the Arts at Brock University never fails to put on unique, quality shows and performances that are sure to appeal to community members and students alike. This is especially true as they welcome the return of world renowned Canadian jazz ensemble, Manteca on Friday October 17. Included in the performance will be students from Laura Secord Secondary School.  This is a not-to-miss Hot Ticket concert event at the Sean O’Sullivan Theatre which is sure to keep you excited and toe-tapping through the entire performance, Manteca is a Canadian jazz band that toured primarily during the 1980s and 1990s and was formed by percussionist Matt Zimbel and bassist Henry Heillig in 1979. Their music is made up of horn sections, Latin and African percussion as well as synthesizers. Fused together, these sounds create music in a “pan-fusion” style, which is jazz that draws from the genres of salsa, samba and funk with tribal influences.

Oct.7.AL.MantecaThe band began playing in Toronto in 1979, and were touring every year throughout Canada by 1987. Their US debut was at the Concord Jazz Festival in 1989, they played at the North Sea, Pori and Stockholm jazz festivals in 1990, and the group received a Juno Award in 1989 for Instrumental Artist of the Year.

Manteca has sold over 100,000 records worldwide and has shared stages with Miles Davis, Ella, Van Morrison and many other famous musical acts. Manteca is one of Canada’s best-known and original instrumental bands.

Manteca remains relevant and current as the band’s 11th recording Monday Night at the “Mensa Disco” was released on Sept. 17th in 2013. After 35 years of playing as a group, Manteca is referred to as a musical institution.

“We are driven,” said leader Matt Zimbel, “by an intense desire to see the thrill in our audience’s eyes. With nine players on stage when we play an ensemble figure together there is a power and this kind of joyous impact surrounded by the silence between the notes that exhilarates us and in turn the audience. Show after show, it’s the look in their eyes and the fact that we keep hearing people say the same thing after the show, ‘wow, I wasn’t expecting that!’ Now that is remarkably motivating.”

Manteca has been a finalist for the Juno Award for Best Original Jazz Album three times and won the Juno in 1989 for best instrumental artist of the year. The band’s archives have been collected by the National Library of Canada and their recordings have been released around the world.  They have also been released in the United States, Germany, South Africa and Asia. They have been praised by critics for their appearances and recordings as “innovative, unique and exhilarating”.  Manteca has a long history of playing with Laura Secord Secondary School. The students opened for Manteca last time they performed at Brock’s Centre for the Arts in 2011 so the group decided it would be best to incorporate the school’s musical group next time they came here.  It is sure to be an exhilarating jazz performance that any music lover should take the opportunity to attend.

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