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One of Hollywood’s biggest stars has retired at the age of 67. Bruce Willis has been diagnosed with Aphasia, a cognitive disorder that affects both language expression and comprehension, leading him to retire. This is an unfortunate ending to the career of such a talented actor.

In honour of his prestigious career spanning almost half a century and over a hundred films, let’s look back at some of his most memorable performances.

John McClane – Die Hard

His 1988 role as an NYPD cop, John McClane, became a cult classic that would span over a series of sequels that could never top the original. His role is referenced in a number of TV shows and movies, which shows the impact the movie still has today. Die Hard was the start of his action movie persona.

Butch Coolidge – Pulp Fiction

Not only one of Tarantino’s best but one of the best movies of all time, Bruce Willis stands out in this star-studded cast. His role as Butch shows his ability as an actor and the weight his name has on the industry. Willis is part of some of the most memorable scenes in the movie, from the pop tart incident when he meets Vincent (John Travolta), to Zed’s basement scene with Wallace (Ving Rhames), that we simply don’t talk about, but will surely leave you stunned.

Malcom Crowe – The Sixth Sense

Considered to be a film with one of cinema’s greatest plot twists, this movie is intimate yet terrifying. I first watched it way too young which left an impact but rewatching it, later on, gave me an appreciation for storytelling, which this movie does wonderfully. Willis plays a child psychologist that takes an unusual case and finds out more about himself than expected.

David Dunn/The Overseer – Unbreakable, Split, and Glass

M. Night Shyamalan’s surprise trilogy, saw the return of Willis’s character David Dunn, a superhero vigilante that as the first movie states, is unbreakable. Split, the sequel to Unbreakable came 16 years later and gave the audience a surprise worthy of Shyamalan’s signature knack for twists.

Harry Stamper – Armageddon

Armageddon is Michael Bay’s depiction of the end of days. Bruce Willis plays Harry Stamper, a renowned driller that has been tasked by NASA to drill the asteroid that is heading towards Earth. Again, Willis plays the saviour, a recurring role in a lot of his movies.

Other notable roles include James Cole in 12 monkeys, John Hartigan in Sin City, Old Joe in Looper, Captain Sharp in Moonrise Kingdom, and Korben Dallas in The Fifth Element. It’s remarkable how Willis is able to stand out time and time again in movies with outstanding actors and starring in so many classics. His retirement announcement is a hard hit on the industry because he is truly one of the greats and should be remembered as one.