Local Niagara Falls band The Broken Lyre plays an integral role in the region’s music scene.  Matt Taylor started the band in 2007 making them one of the longest running groups in Niagara. Originally only playing cover shows at local bars and venues throughout the region, the group has since come a long way, having truly grasped a unique sound to call their own and playing shows featuring all original music.

Oct.7.AL.tblTaylor wrote the song “Better Leave” at the age of 15 and continued to write original songs afterwards. They are a testament to the hard work and dedication that is often lacking in today’s music industry, given that they have been a group for seven years already, all of the members only being in their early twenties.

The band consists of Matt Taylor (vocals/guitar), Dan Nicoletti (drums/vocals) and Dan Risi (bass/vocals). All three members have a long history of musical talent both individually and collectively which has led to what is now a strong ensemble of like-minded musicians.  Taylor and Nicoletti started to play together in the ninth, grade with Risi joining near the end of high school.

“All of us were very much those music guys in high school,” said Taylor. “We played at all the masses (because we all went to catholic schools), and played at all of the assemblies, that whole thing.”

If you live in the Niagara Region, chances are that you’ve come across The Broken Lyre at one point, and if not, they’re a group you don’t want to miss out on seeing.  They haven’t pinpointed themselves as fitting a certain genre of music but claim their sounds are derived from a variety of different influences which gives their music dimensions of sounds and genres.

“We just compare it to bands like Hall and Oates meets The Strokes meets Michael Jackson,” said Risi.

Some of their other heavy influences include Prince, The Beatles, Paul McCartney, and “all the greats” as Taylor puts it.

ea5d6aa23033c76They’re an extremely active group within the Niagara Sphere, often playing shows at venues both in Niagara Falls and St. Catharines so there’s always a chance to see the group. All three members are very passionate about what they do and that feeling is exuded when they hit the stage at any venue. Even if it’s in the back hole-in-the-wall of a chicken wing bar, The Broken Lyre is exciting, fresh and can take any venue through a frenzy of funk and pop.  Being from the tourist trap of Niagara Falls, the band is all too familiar with playing cover shows to the endless amount of tourists that come to see the city and fill the bars at night.  They’re used to playing other people’s music and that’s why their original songs are so important to them. They work hard to put out new music that’s completely their own.  “We love playing our own songs,” said Nicoletti. “There is a song we’re going to release on our SoundCloud called “I don’t really want it” which we love to play. We also have a free download available for another tune called “Heart on my Sleeve”, and I hope everyone who sees this will go check it out.”

“The topics of our music will change over time,” said Taylor. “Who knows? Once life has ripped us apart a little more, I’m sure we’ll be writing country songs.” “The music changes depending on what we’re listening to and are influenced by at the time,” added Nicoletti.

The band’s diverse sound has helped them to evolve and adapt to what they are feeling and shows the maturity of the group since the band’s origination. They love what they do and aren’t exclusive to certain kinds or conventions of music, making them accessible and intriguing to music fans of all taste.

The band is true to their roots and are pretty hard to miss in the Niagara Region, unless you’re living under a rock of musical ignorance. You’ve probably heard the name, or have seen them play at a venue. As for the extensive fan base they’ve acquired since the birth of The Broken Lyre, you’re aware of why they’re deserving of their own attention. Seven years is a long time for a band with such young members to stay together. That being said, they’ve been through a lot and have seen members come and go, but they are happy with the tight-knit, like-minded group they’re composed of now and are not going anywhere, so make sure you check them out when you get the chance to.

They remain very prominent members in the community of musicians in Niagara as they play shows often and are proud to come from such a supportive area.  “The music scene in Niagara is definitely growing,” said Nicoletti, “There’s a ton of great talent in this area. It’s fun to be a part of a growing scene of talented musicians and artists.” The Broken Lyre has also had the chance to play in New York City, and plays frequently at clubs and halls in Toronto as well as in Montreal and many other cities.  “We just want more and more people to connect with our music and maybe we’ll tour the world eventually,” said Risi.

The band does not currently have an album out but fans and fans-to-be can gain access to their singles on SoundCloud.

The Broken Lyre plays frequently at Mansion House at 5 William St. in downtown St.  Catharines. Their next show takes place Oct. 24 so be sure to check them out for an evening of good times and good music.

For more about the band visit The Broken Lyre on Facebook and visit them on Twitter @TheBrokenLyre