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With the fall reading week now behind us, The Brock Press staff want to talk about it. Find out all that they did on their week off below:

Noah Nickel – Editor-in-Chief

As is usual with the fall reading week, mine started out with a bang and then kind of fizzled from there. To be fair though, Thanksgiving Day is a tough act to follow for the rest of the week, so I’m not exactly complaining. 

On both Sunday and Monday I ate more food than I care to admit, as I had two days of Thanksgiving to celebrate with both sides of my family. Food aside though, it was so nice to be able to celebrate a holiday with my entire family again. I didn’t realize how much I missed that last year.

I also bought my Halloween costume over the weekend, which I’m pretty excited about. I’m not normally one who gets into the spirit of Halloween (see what I did there?) but having actually gone for it this year I’m a bit more invested in the whole thing (after spending over $50, I’d say I’m literally invested in it).

I also took the week to get a head start on work I needed to get done for both school and The Brock Press. It’s nice to be able to cross things off my to-do list without immediately adding something to replace it. Ah, the joys of reading week. 

But now, for better or for worse, we’re back to the weekly grind. In all honesty, I did feel a bit lost without it, and it does help to make time go by quicker. So who knows, if I throw myself into my work a bit more, winter reading week may be here before I know it.

Abdul Anjum – Business Manager

I spent most of my reading week catching up on schoolwork or preparing for midterms. I feel like time is moving way too fast; I don’t remember the start of October at all.

From Sunday to Wednesday I studied in St. Catharines. From Wednesday to Sunday, I studied – in Toronto. Speaking of Toronto, I also re-watched the 2019 NBA Finals and thought of all the things I would do to have Kawhi in Toronto for just one more year. Apart from that, I did my NBA Fantasy Draft for a 14-team league. It was almost as fun as it sounds; I picked 12th. I am excited for the NBA season since it seems like the league has finally gotten a handle on their COVID-19 measures and are close to returning to pre-pandemic league play – unless you’re Ben Simmons.

I also spent much-needed time with friends and family. I feel like I had neglected that aspect of my life because of work, school and the pandemic, so it felt great having a few moments to let people know I am alive.

It was nice to have some diversity in my day, but I am excited to get back to school and get past this semester in one piece.

Holly Morrison – Managing Editor

I did a whole lot of nothing this past reading week, which to be fair, I probably needed. I headed to my parents’ house to celebrate Thanksgiving and had a nice dinner with my family. It was good to be able to sit down and see my grandparents for an extended period of time now that we’re all fully vaccinated. 

I also turned 21 over reading week, which is, I think, the point at which having birthdays stops being super cool and exciting. Once you hit 21, there aren’t really any more milestones to cross off. Regardless, it was a good day and I was glad to be able to spend it with good company. The best part by far was that for the first time in nearly three years, my birthday did not fall on Thanksgiving Sunday or Monday, which as a notorious pie hater has never been a good time for me. 

I really only got half a reading week, since I was back in St. Catharines and back to work by Thursday, but I’m not complaining about that. It forced me to get caught up on my readings and long-neglected assignments before heading back to classes on Monday. 

It was nice to have a break, but let’s just say I’m already looking forward to the end of exam season.

Chad Ellis – News Editor

This reading week was a lot more of the same for me, which is a fair amount of studying mixed in with a bit of relaxation. Like most others, I got to spend time with my family and enjoyed my week away from the daily grind of going to classes.

While I didn’t do anything particularly exciting, I completed a lot of work that I had been putting off for a while and caught myself up to speed with a lot of the areas I was weaker in academically. 

All in all, this might have been my most productive and therefore successful reading week since I’ve been at Brock. For once in my life I feel pretty prepared to take on the rest of the semester and push through midterm season.

Morgan Vidakovic – Sports & Wellness Editor

Maybe it’s just me or maybe it’s the universe, but lately time feels like it’s moving so fast, while at the same time not even moving at all. 

Lately I’ve been so immersed in my job, working insane hours and forgetting about everything else that is happening in the world…but it’s okay because I love my other job. It’s my dream job and I’m so blessed to have been able to spend Thanksgiving with the individuals we support at work considering we, their caregivers, are the only family they really have. 

I have definitely been neglecting my school work and classes. I didn’t fully realize it until I decided to show up to a lecture I haven’t attended all year just to realize it was reading week. Who have I become? How did I not know it was reading week? This was definitely a reality check for me to prioritize school and my education, even though I feel a bit checked out of it all. It’s weird, I’m eager to graduate yet not motivated to graduate all in one. 

I made a to-do list and hopefully I’ll crack down on all that needs to be done so I can get that fancy (and expensive) piece of paper in April. 

Asenia Lyall – Arts & Entertainment Editor

Reading week for me really lived up to its name this semester. I was buried in books to read and papers to write. Glad to report that I have officially passed the half-way mark in writing my honours thesis. 

In between all the reading and writing, with everyone I know vaccinated I got to spend some quality time with friends and family back home in Toronto. 

Cafés seem to be the best place for me to get work done and luckily my hometown has tons that I got to check out. Despite the hours spent with iced coffee in front of my laptop, I could absolutely go for another reading week right now with no complaints. 

Fourth-year really is throwing every challenge it has to offer my way, but I am doing my best to roll with the punches.

Jonah Dayton – Editor-at-Large

I definitely felt that reading week was way too early this year (I’ve had like two things due, I don’t need a break yet — give me one in two weeks after two midterms and three papers), but nevertheless it was nice to come back home for a week. Aside from watching playoff baseball, I did have a fair bit of work to do because someone made a fat 14-page paper due the first Monday after reading week, which is kinda like playing ‘Xi’ or ‘Qi’ in Scrabble; like, yeah I guess it’s legal, but really? For what it’s worth I think mine turned out pretty well, so no harm no foul (if I get a good mark).

Anyway, Thanksgiving has never really been a huge thing with my family, moreso just another excuse for my dad to use his smoker to make some smoked turkey. It worked quite well. 

Haytham Nawaz – General Assistant Editor

This reading week provided me with a moment to breathe and catch up on things, at least for the time being. 

For the moments I could relax I spent them, well, actually reading strangely enough. I find I get a little irritated after a while by the dense readings for my courses because I lose time to read what I’d like to, but when I finally do have time, say on a reading week, I usually don’t follow through. Well, not this time; burying myself in books, watching my silly movies and taking long walks is pretty much heaven on earth for me and that’s what I did. 

I saw a decent chunk of my family for Thanksgiving which was soul-nourishing (and actually nourishing), especially after last year. Getting together with loved ones was probably the highlight of the week. 

I guess I’m somewhat excited to hop back into things. But I do have to say, I’m finding being partly in-person has drained much more of my time, but there are pros and cons to it. Despite the time commitment, it is nice being in a classroom and engaging with professors and fellow students. 

Let’s hope things stay relatively smooth at Brock like they have been thus far so we can finish the semester off strong.

Dhvani Shah – Assistant News Editor

Reading week? More like reading hour. This past week flew by, as most school breaks do. I spent most of the week catching up on schoolwork, but I also got to spend some time winding down with my friends and family. 

While being on campus these past two months has been so much fun, I realized it’s also taken a lot out of me. I’m glad this week allowed me to slow down and breathe for a second, and I’m feeling way better about tackling the rest of the semester. 

With that said, the highlight of my week was definitely celebrating my best friend’s Taylor Swift birthday – so shoutout to Lauren who is officially feeling 22. Happy back to school, Badgers!

Liam Nielsen – Assistant Sports & Wellness Editor

This might be the first reading week in my four years at Brock that I’ve used for its actual intended purpose. I managed to get ahead on a ton of work due over the next few weeks, and it was great to finally get a chance to breathe and just start checking things off my to-do list.

I also got a chance to watch the Canadian men’s national soccer team live at BMO Field in Toronto (my first ever live soccer game above the university level). I’ve never been much of a soccer guy, but I was thrown right into the fire for my first experience – in the thick of the Canada supporters section. 

The atmosphere was electric, and unlike anything I’ve experienced in Canada, short of the Raptors’ championship run. There were a lot of chants and songs going on that I didn’t know the words to, and just general mayhem everywhere I looked. 

After seeing that environment, I’m all aboard the Canadian soccer hype train. Alphonso Davies is the truth. Qatar 2022 here we come. 

Alejandro Vasquez Coronado – Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor

I was surprised how quickly we reached the halfway point of the fall semester. This reading week did not last long enough, but it was a very needed break at a perfect time.

Even though it was a very relaxing week, I did enough to surpass the word limit here. It was my girlfriend’s birthday, and so each day of reading week was spent making amazing memories. From a fancy Italian dinner and lots of iced coffee and bubble tea, to watching multiple Woody Allen movies, this week was one to remember.

Reading week gave me a breather as I now get ready for my upcoming midterms and the second half of the semester. I’m excited to get back into the groove of things; back to writing articles and back to intramural soccer games. The next few months should certainly be exciting.

Annilea Purser – Copy Editor

Just like every other reading week that I’ve encountered, these past seven days were primarily spent procrastinating and thinking about how much I was procrastinating. However, unlike other school years, I managed to actually do a few things that were somewhat fun. 

In the second half of the week I travelled up to Toronto to spend a few nights there, mainly shopping and eating at cool restaurants that we don’t have here in St. Catharines. As usual, the final two days of the week were spent cramming in all of the school work that I had planned to do, which was not fun, but at least I had a few relaxing days. 

Good luck to everyone in the second half of the term!