Photo By: Brock U Naach

Brock University’s Bollywood Dance Club starts off its second year with a collaboration with BUSU, along with a few changes to who can teach choreography in their workshops.

“[We aim] to promote and teach various South Asian dances, ranging from Bollywood fusion to classical, through a series of events and workshops,” said Sharavi Sinha, club President. “We also aim to provide a fun and inclusive environment for all types of learners, ranging from beginners to advanced.”

The club was founded in 2020, so it has yet to run an in-person workshop. As they eagerly await the opportunity to walk into the dance studio, students are still able to join their weekly online workshops.

During these workshops, participants will learn Bollywood choreography that is inclusive to all levels as both beginners and advanced dancers are in the same group. The choreography stays balanced to match everyone’s pace. The club’s main focus is for anyone who comes out to enjoy their time and have fun, without making it feel competitive. The workshops consist of upbeat and popular Bollywood songs that will get your heart pumping.

“We want to show Brock that anyone can join Bollywood Dance Club, you don’t need to be Indian, from South Asia, you can be from anywhere and we are open to teaching everybody,” said Arvith Jhirad, club Vice-President.

A new addition this year is that non-executive team members can teach a workshop. Last year, executives were the only teachers, but now they have introduced a member interest form for anyone wanting to choreograph a workshop. Executives will start off teaching at the beginning of the year, but they will then transition into this new teaching model.

“You don’t need to understand the language to be able to enjoy the music, it’s a good way to introduce yourself to Indian music,” said Jhirad.

The club will be filming its new introductory video through the month of October. Last year, the executive team were in different countries, so they took the opportunity for the introductory video to be a demonstration of dancing around the world. This year, they plan to welcome everyone back to campus and make a different introduction video. 

The club is currently collaborating with BUSU to film a special promotion; if you are walking around campus, you might find the executive team ready with a music speaker on hand filming across campus.

“Growing up I’ve heard the term ABCD which means Anybody Can Dance. We want to try to get everybody on campus to dance. Everyone is finally back so we are approaching people ourselves, we want to speak to students who wouldn’t normally join our club,” said Jhirad.

For more information visit their Instagram @brockunaach or contact them via email at [email protected].