Photo Credit: Jonah Dayton


If you find yourself shopping for a sports fan this holiday season but don’t know where to start, then boy, do I have an article for you. Buying affordable gifts for sports fans can be tough because oftentimes, the first items that come to mind are very expensive, like tickets or jerseys. So here are some sporty gift ideas that all clock in at under $50 a piece.



This is always a neat one because you’re almost guaranteed to have a unique gift and one that, if taken proper care of, can actually become a valuable asset down the road. Example: when I was like 11-12 years old, I went to a Jays-Tigers game and got a ball signed by some little-known pitcher named Max Scherzer. Low and behold, Scherzer would go on to win three Cy Youngs, a World Series and is a shoe-in for the Hall of Fame. I still have the ball, but the signature is so faded that its value is basically zero now. So if you do give or receive any type of memorabilia, make sure to buy the proper protection for it.


A really nice and affordable gift is one of the many magazine covers commemorating the Raptors 2019 championship. They’re like $30-ish on eBay or Amazon right now and look really good framed. I bought a bunch of magazines and newspapers the week of their title win and recently bought a basic frame from Michaels for like $15. It looks great hung up in an office and is sub-$50 all in all (the photo in this article is what mine looks like for reference).


SKLZ Mini Basketball Hoop

Okay, if you have one of these you know how incredible they are. The best mini-hoop in the game, SKLZ Hoops, features a steel rim and a polycarbonate backboard so you can actually dunk without worrying about breaking it. In first-year my Vallee roommate and I each had one of these on our doors and it made, um, quite a lot of noise, so if you live in an apartment complex or something similar maybe hold off. It’s $40 for the XL hoop and $30 for the regular. If you have the space and money they apparently have a seven-foot tall hoop that comes with a base and a stand and whatnot at $150. 



Ah, now that I’ve reeled in the SPMA kids, buying a hat, while not the most creative gift of all time, is pretty much a guaranteed hit. Just make sure if it’s a fitted hat you know the persons’ head size (looking at you, dad, my head’s not that big). Toques or other wintery hats are good for a use-now gift, while baseball hats are more of a year-round thing. Either way, the most expensive hats top out at around $40-ish, but a large majority of hats are well under that.


Fake Jerseys/Shirseys

There are two ways to go about buying a fake jersey for someone: you can either Costanza it a la ‘The Red Dot’ and play ignorant while trying to sneak one past the goalie, or you can make it known right away. I’ve never understood why some people have such an issue with fake jerseys, it’s displaying the same message just for $100 less. Plus, fakes have more character. 


Back before the apocalypse hit my friends and I would always go down to Kensington Market in Toronto and peruse all the shops for the most obscure sports jersey we could find. They were all fake, but who cares, they were hilarious. Last year I got a Clippers Quentin Richardson jersey for $25. Others that I came across were a Cavs Ricky Davis and a San Diego Clippers World B. Free jersey. You won’t find anyone else with one of those on. 


Now it is trickier to buy these knock-offs online, so just be smart and don’t give your credit card info to There are reputable replica jersey sites out there like DHgate. It might take a while for it to ship to Canada though, so order quickly.


If you’re hesitant about buying a fake jersey online, then a great alternative is the shirsey. The shirt-jerseys run about $40 from Lids, Sportchek, the NBA store, etc. and they fulfill the same function that a jersey does. 


So go and click your heart out this holiday season and order some sporty gifts that are sure to, at the very least, dunk on the rest of your families’ gifts.