Photo credit: Greg Rosenke on Unsplash

Photo credit: Greg Rosenke on Unsplash

Now that you have eaten all your quarantine snacks, it is time to face the reality that isolation is a necessary and crucial health precaution, but is extremely boring. Here are some easy to do activities during self isolation!

  1. Drawing 

Although this seems obvious, challenge yourself by searching new subject matter on Pinterest of Google Images. Try deep diving into a new subject, a pro tip from a casual doodler is to add “simple” or “easy” into the search bar so that the results are more refined. Cartoon as well as pop art styles are good for beginners as there is usually not a lot of shading or perspective involved. Draw a comic strip about your time in quarantine, or about what you would be doing if you weren’t in quarantine. 

  1. Chess

My family members back home have pulled out the old board games and dusted off the Jenga blocks, but for those of us quarantining in a student house there are, unfortunately, no childhood games laying around. Here is an easy way to DIY a chess board. Firstly, if you aren’t familiar with chess you will need to look up the different chess pieces online. Bring out your canned goods and label the cans corresponding to the chess pieces. Replicate a chess board on a kitchen table or desk using painters tape, or construction paper taped to the flat surface. You might need to get creative about the chess pieces, look in your cupboards for cans, your fridge for condiment bottles and just about anything else that can stand on its own. Grab a family member or a roommate you are quarantining with and enjoy this knock-off version of chess! 

  1. Origami 

Normally I do not have the patience for tedious crafts like origami, but I have always admired how intricate the final product is, and with all this time on my hands there are no more excuses for not giving it a shot. For origami you will need just a pair of scissors and paper. Look up templates online and try your hand at this tricky art form. To add some style add designs with pens or markers. You can Skype or FaceTime a friend to show off your creation. 

  1. Journal

As scary as this time is, it is also a pretty interesting time to be alive. Nobody really knows when history is being made, but it is safe to say COVID-19 will probably be talked about for a long time, so why not include your two cents in that conversation? Write down what the news is saying about the pandemic, the precautions you are taking, what it is like to be quarantined etc. Write down what else is going on in the world, like people hoarding toilet paper, or what it is like to switch to online classes. Who knows where this pandemic will take the world, but it is definitely worth documenting. 

  1. Fort Quarantine 

Watching movies is fun, but watching movies in a fort is undeniably funner. Grab your blankets and get to work. Once your fort is completed, grab your laptop and set up a movie. If there are any quarantine snacks left, who am I kidding, I know there are no quarantine snacks left because mine disappeared the same day I bought them… Anyways, FaceTime a friend and do a “MTV welcome to my crib” for your fort to put a smile on someone else’s face during this stressful time.