It feels surreal to be writing my last editorial for The Brock Press. This year has flown by in some ways and dragged at a snail’s pace in others. I kicked off my term as Editor-in-Chief during the early days of the pandemic. As I am wrapping up my term, we are moving into another lockdown. The pandemic altered our reality in a multitude of ways and this job was not safe from being turned upside down. I never got to sit in The Brock Press office, lead an in-person meeting or see our paper on the newsstands around campus. I was certainly bummed about not getting the ‘full’ Editor-in-Chief experience when I started this job. However, I quickly realized that none of those perks really mattered and were certainly not reflective of what we really do here at The Brock Press. What matters here at the newspaper is sharing the voices of our team members and Brock students at large. It matters that students are able to share their experiences and we are able to uplift a variety of perspectives on our platform. This year, we had many fantastic volunteers and were able to feature more student voices than The Brock Press has in recent years. This year we also introduced the Culture Corner in partnership with the Human Rights and Equity Office on campus, wherein we were able to publish stories from marginalized perspectives and open conversations about racism and oppression. We also moved our publication completely online this year, which turned out to be a positive outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic. Publishing online gives us a lot more flexibility and has made so much sense given the risk of in-person activities. We are now able to update stories with ease and reach a wider community by pushing our social media presence and improving our website. This role has been incredibly enriching and educational for me personally. Of the many things I’ve learned, the most valuable was how to stand up to injustice and how to adapt to changing and uncertain circumstances. The experience of working through difficult situations taught me how to be resilient and strong, even when it was hard to do so. Throughout my time here, I have grown immensely as a person, not just as a leader. When I started at The Brock Press I was in a program I disliked, but also refused to quit. Now, I’ve changed programs and have my eyes set on law school. I won’t force you to read about that whole saga, but my point is, the experiences I went through at The Brock Press inspired me to dream a lot bigger and push myself to tackle all of the forces that were keeping me safe inside my tiny comfort zone. What I am getting at here is that student newspapers aren’t just newspapers, they are a place for students to grow, experiment and gain invaluable experience. This job changed my career path, my outlook on life and hugely increased my confidence to succeed. For that, I will be forever grateful for The Brock Press. To the staff, thank you for the support, patience and perseverance you all demonstrated. To everyone at BUSU, thank you for your ongoing help and belief in our mission here at the newspaper. I learned more during my term as Editor-in-Chief than I have at any other job and for that, I cannot say thank you enough to The Brock Press staff, our student volunteers and our readers. That is all from me as your 2020-2021 Editor-in-Chief and President of The Brock Press!