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Drake’s latest hit “Only You Freestyle” and his features on “POPSTAR,” and “GREECE,” live up to every undying expectation of greatness that we push onto the Canadian artist. All three songs are top-notch and add onto Drake’s impeccable track record. 

Drake is a powerhouse in the rap game and overall music industry. Everything he releases from music videos to singles to albums are buzz worthy. Nobody oozes swagger like Drake does, his boastful lyrics, catchy flow and confidence are truly unmatched. 

Before I actually review these tracks I have to say that it is cruel that Drake is releasing bangers and we can’t enjoy them in the basement of 12 Mile Lounge or the sticky dancefloor of Moose and Goose. All three songs made me long to go out and enjoy them in the best possible way: with our friends, downtown, blaring from speakers that make your eardrums ring.

Although we may not be able to listen to Drake’s most recent releases in the environment we had all hoped for, they are impressive even as I listen to them in my childhood basement or in the car to go buy groceries for my mom. 

“Only You Freestyle” is a UK drill song produced by M1onthebeat. The lyrics take centre stage as the back beat is simple yet ominous, with a steady bass. Gliding 808s are a must for UK drill and “Only You Freestyle” is no exception. M1onthebeat orchestrated the perfect balance of Drake’s signature rap sound and UK drill. Plus Drake on a UK beat? That is something I can’t wait to hear more of. 

“POPSTAR” debuted at number one on the Rolling Stone Top 100 Songs chart. DJ Khaled produced this jam with Oz and David & Eli. “POPSTAR”  is quintessentially Drake. He boasts about his prowess in the music industry, his infinite wealth and his insatiable thirst for success. Drake graces this track with his signature, on-point flow and catchy lyrics. “POPSTAR” is one of those tracks that you crave to hear because no other song will satisfy in the way it will. 

“GREECE” featuring Drake shows a different side of the renowned artist. DJ Khaled produced this track too, proving that the pair are a match made in heaven as their styles perfectly synthesize. The combination of DJ Khaled and Drake leaves listeners with a very contemporary, unique sound. Drake’s voice is rhythmic and light, as opposed to his usual hard-hitting sound and assertive flow.  Although Drake’s sound is a bit outside his traditional realm, the content is on brand for Drake. “GREECE” features Drake’s lavish lifestyle, international trips and designer clothes included. This song lacks the more quotable bars like the ones heard in the wildly popular 2018  “In My Feelings.” Although there is a lack of one-liners, this song is still one that will no doubt be on the charts for a long time. 

Drake’s newest releases are quite possibly the best thing to happen in a long while. The tracks leave me hopeful that Drake has more bangers on the horizon to get us through the rest of this year.