Given the unprecedented situation regarding the global pandemic, the representative from CUPE 4207-1 informed Brock University officials that the union will be removing the previously introduced strike deadline. 

The union has not announced a new date for the strike deadline while the University remains closed for the rest of the term.

Currently, there is no sign of renewing the contracts or continuing the negotiation process with the union. Brock’s administration might announce the dates as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds over the next couple of weeks.

CUPE 4207-1 has been in talks with Brock over the past academic year when their collective agreement expired September 6, 2019. Over the past academic year, the two parties have been engaged in a series of talks but there still has not been a new collective agreement. To this, Brock administration replied by introducing a series of talks. However, the meetings scheduled for March 17 and March 18 were postponed as well.

“Given the current context, the safety of our members is paramount. This is especially so for members and their families who identify as being part of those most at risk from COVID-19. To slow the rate of infection and in spreading the virus further, we have made decisions to work towards protecting members in union spaces,” said the CUPE 4207 Executive committee report. 

Brock has reflected their appreciation for the members of the CUPE 4207-1 Union. However, the fiscal framework of the university has upset the union members, where they believe they should be compensated more financially.

According to a CUPE 4207-2 member at Brock University, the Union representing full-time coordinators employed in English as a Second Language (ESL) services, renewed their collective agreement on February 25, and it will be available on the Brock website later this month. However, CUPE 4207-1 has been concerned about the disparity they face in comparison to other post-secondary institutions across Ontario.

The Union seeks to achieve an agreement that respects its members’ experience and skills with compensation that is consistent across Ontario’s post-secondary institutions.

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