Photo By: Nyana Stoica from Unsplash

Cereal is not soup. There’s just no way that you can convince me it is. The only similarity between cereal and soup is the fact that both are usually served in a bowl. Soup can be served cold, but this doesn’t mean that cereal is soup, because cereal is made in a fundamentally different way than soup. 

Soup is made by boiling ingredients together, usually meat or vegetables in some kind of stock or cream. If that’s how you make your breakfast cereal then you could technically call your breakfast soup, but you’re definitely making cereal wrong (and should maybe consider just making oatmeal instead). If you think cereal is soup then I don’t want to hear you complain when I invite you over for dinner and put a bowl of Frosted Flakes on the table in front of you.

My “cereal isn’t soup,” opinion is a harmless hot take; an opinion that some people might disagree with, it might even make some people angry, but at the end of the day, whether or not cereal is soup is a distinction that has absolutely zero impact on anything important. 

These are my favourite kinds of opinions. They don’t hurt anybody and there’s nothing riding on them. If you walk into a room of people you don’t know and you say, “hey do y’all think cereal is soup, or no?” the ice is going to be instantly broken as people take sides weighing in on the inevitable debate that ensues. It might get heated, it might get passionate, but at the end of it, no one’s going to be burning any bridges over cereal and soup. 

Everyone has an opinion on cereal being soup. “This is a dumb argument,” is also an opinion. Isn’t it great? 

When people think of opinion sections, they usually conjure up images of op-eds, politics and controversy and while this opinion section will absolutely contain some of those things, there’s just as much value in opinions with lower stakes. 

Backing up your views with facts is an important skill to develop, and harmless hot takes are the perfect way to practice that skill. The opinion is only the first step, the argument comes next and that’s way more important. Backing up opinions with facts from reputable sources while also acknowledging your own biases is important.

With this being the first official publication of the 2021-2022 school year, I’d like to take a moment as the new Managing Editor here at The Brock Press to encourage everyone who’s interested to try their hand at having an opinion. We are always accepting volunteer contributions and interested Brock students are always welcome to reach out to me ([email protected]) to get involved. Serious or unserious, political or about as apolitical as it gets, if you can back it up with an argument, you are more than welcome to contribute. 

This publication was founded with the intention of providing a voice to the students of Brock University. So if you’re a Brock student and you would like to use your voice to talk about how bagels are actually donuts, or how I’m actually completely wrong and cereal is in fact soup, then send me an email and get some experience writing for a journalistic publication.

It might seem silly, but silly is good, silly is fun. These days, we need all the harmless silly opinions we can get. 

The Brock Press reserves the right to publish or not publish any articles as we see fit. Contributors will maintain the right to have their article taken down at any point. The Brock Press does not publish anything that is defamatory, libelous, or otherwise harmful or untrue.