Photo By: Brock University Students’ Union

The Brock University Students’ Union’s (BUSU) annual Club Days event is back and looks a little different this time around. With all clubs running virtually as of right now, the long-awaited Club Days event will be held online using GatherTown. 

Currently, BUSU has 112 clubs on their roster, ranging from academics, arts, community-based, and more. Approximately 70 of these clubs will attend Club Days this Wednesday, Sept. 29. Students, especially in their first-year, are invited to join to learn more about the clubs Brock has to offer as well as how to get involved.

“I think clubs are the best way to find people that share your passions and interests. Honestly, [they are] the most amazing way to make friends…clubs really helped me when I first joined [Brock]. [Getting involved is] really good especially for people who are a little more introverted,” said Faten Darbaj, Vice President of Student Services.

Attending the Club Days event doesn’t require registration, students are invited to hop in whenever they can between the hours of 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. using this link

For anyone new to GatherTown, it is a virtual environment where users can set up an avatar and “walk around” the event to meet with other people. Clubs will have their own “booths” set up for students to drop into with any questions or to get to know the club executives. Many of the clubs will be hosting giveaways and games with prizes to be won. For a full list of BUSU clubs, check out their website.

Additionally, BUSU is accepting club ratification applications until Oct. 8. Students interested in starting a new club are encouraged to connect with the BUSU Clubs Manager via email at [email protected] to begin the process of ratification. While there is a great deal of uncertainty surrounding whether clubs will be able to operate in person this year, BUSU is committed to delivering the student experience virtually. 

“We want in-person meetings and events just as much as everyone else. When we do get approval from the university, there will likely be a step-by-step framework for us to follow. Until then, we’re making the best of it,” said Darbaj.

In the meantime, attending Club Days is a great way to meet some new friends and learn what extracurricular involvement will look like during the 2021-2022 school year.