Photo Credit: Toa Heftiba on Unsplash.

Brock University announced that ancillary fees will be reduced for the upcoming school year.

In a letter emailed to students on July 15, Brock University announced that Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU) and the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) will reduce their ancillary fees for the upcoming school year.

Although tuition is not reduced, Brock University, BUSU and the GSA worked to reduce their fees in order to mitigate student’s financial needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brock has reduced a variety of ancillary fees by 25 per cent for undergraduate students. This includes a reduction in the athletics fee and the Brock Student Life fees. All fees associated with the Zone expansion will be delayed until Spring 2021 at the earliest.

BUSU has also reduced ancillary fees substantially. BUSU reduced its ancillary fees by 40 per cent and eliminated the per-credit strategic expansion, green levy and deferred maintenance fees. Additionally, there has been a 50 per cent reduction in the safety and federal advocacy fees, as well as a 25 per cent reduction in the Brock TV fee clubs levy, and engagement levy.

“We at BUSU understand that these are difficult times for all students. Making sure that we’re providing them with great service but at the same time lowering our fees was a priority for us,” said Rafay Rehan, the Vice-President of Finance and Administration at BUSU.

Graduate students will see a reduction in athletic, recreation and Zone fitness fees by 25 to 50 per cent.

All students will also receive a 50 per cent reduction for their bus pass fee.

“Transit is one of the most important services that we offer our students […] After a lengthy period of negotiations with our partners, we were able to successfully reduce the transit fee by 50 per cent while still providing students with full access to the transit system. This transit fee reduction alone collectively saves Brock students over $2.5 million dollars in the 2020/21 academic year […],” said Rehan.

Students can access ancillary fee listings here.