Brock graduate Vince Capano runs an online podcast called “Sport Chat with Vince Capano.” 

After graduating from Sport Management (SPMA) in 2020, Capano dove into the world of online reporting and sports coverage. 

During his time at Brock, Capano gained the experience and expertise necessary to launch his own sports media podcast. Outside of the classroom, Capano served as Vice President and President of the Brock Sport Management Council (BSMC), contributing to his knowledgeability in the sports media arena. 

“When I first graduated I really just wanted to get into the [sports] industry and gain experience. […] I wanted to invest in myself after fourth year. I worked really hard for my degree and I tried to enhance the student experience of Brock  [through the BSMC],” said Capano.

To Capano, investing in himself meant learning new skills to adapt to the fast-paced sports industry.

“I am learning a lot of new things, like video and audio editing, developing content, running a social media account,” said Capano. 

Capano’s own commitment to learning, as well as the skills he gained in SPMA, equipped him to face challenges with optimism and combat changing conditions with a hard work ethic. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic slamming the breaks on upcoming sports seasons, many traditional sports employment opportunities have ceased to exist. Capano saw this as an opportunity to enhance his social media presence and push his online podcast. His passion and drive allowed him to both work remotely and provide fans with content despite the lack of real-time sports. 

The range of wide content that Capano offers allows him to work remotely while deep-diving into hot topics in the sports industry. Guests range from CFL star Jim Barker to Marketing, Events & Multimedia Specialist Patrice Whiffen.

“When people ask ‘who do you interview?’ I say ‘anyone’ because I just want to learn as much as I can. I don’t want to talk to only one specific area within the sports industry, so I talk to a lot of different people,” said Capano. “That is one of the cool things about this podcast, one day I could be talking to a sales executive, one day I could be talking to a broadcaster, then the next day I could be talking to a non-profit organization. It ranges.” 

SPMA and the BSMC served as the foundation for Capano’s success as an independent podcaster. As Capano reminisces on his time at Brock, he notes that SPMA is a program that is constantly improving to best equip its student’s needs and post-graduation prospects. 

“I really enjoyed my time in SPMA and it is a program that is always evolving. My first year compared to now, it has changed for the better,” said Capano. 

Capano’s success demonstrates the variety of avenues that the SPMA program opens to students and graduates.

 “Sport Chat with Vince Capano” can be found here.