Photo Credit: Dynamic North 


The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on all students in various ways. However, some have taken the adversity it has brought and turned it into not only a learning opportunity, but a business opportunity as well.


Lyle Dekker and Cameron Law, two fourth-year Business Administration Co-op students, have co-founded Dynamic North and are now working as entrepreneurs for university credit.


Dynamic North is a digital marketing agency based right here in St. Catharines. Through Dynamic North, Dekker and Law are both devoted to serving small businesses in the Niagara Region, as they have recognized a major digital marketing need that they feel is not properly being filled. Their focus in particular is on Niagara wineries.


“There is an increasing need for businesses to enter into the digital landscape,” said Lyle Dekker, Co-Founder of Dynamic North. “This is when we realized that there is an opportunity to help offline businesses with little knowledge and resources to make the leap into the online space.”


They offer a variety of digital marketing services, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), video production, social media campaign creation, graphic design services and more. 


“Our value proposition is the fact that we offer completely custom marketing campaigns after analyses of our clients current position, without offering “cookie-cutter” packaged deals,” said Cameron Law, Co-Founder of Dynamic North.


While only officially launching in 2021, Dekker and Law began planning what would become Dynamic North two years ago while working on a marketing assignment for school. It was through collaborative school projects like these that they learned out how well they worked together and realized their shared passion for digital marketing.


“Our education at Brock definitely played a large role in our decision to begin this business venture,” said Dekker. “Even more so was the fact that we had worked with one another on several group projects throughout our first three years at Brock.”


Between Dekker and Law, they have had professional experience as co-op students in social media management, sales, digital marketing, graphic design, video production and more. This valuable workplace experience, alongside that which they’ve learned in the classroom, helped prepare them for this great opportunity.


“Being in the final stretch of our degrees, the pressure of applying our knowledge and experience in the ‘real world’ with legitimate risks is the bridge between our student mindsets versus our entrepreneurial mindsets,” said Law.


As most co-op work terms are usually conducted working for established companies, Dekker and Law’s decision to start a business is certainly unique. This ultimately speaks to their commitment, dedication and entrepreneurial spirit.


“By participating in an entrepreneurship co-op work term, Lyle and Cameron have been able to start their own business, with guidance and support,” said Dana Tonus, Manager, Employer Relations and Special Initiatives for Co-op Education at Brock University. “They have a great business idea that we hope proves to be very successful for them.” 


After their co-op terms are completed, both Dekker and Law see themselves continuing with Dynamic North well into the future. 


“Dynamic North is an agency in a field with endless opportunity,” said Dekker. “First and foremost, we hope to serve as many clients and businesses in the Niagara Region as possible, helping tell their stories in ways that resonate with their intended audiences online.”


They also have plans to expand throughout Ontario and, eventually, beyond that.


“We hope that in the future, we have scaled Dynamic North provincially, if not nationally,” said Law. “We also have plans to create content such as a video series 

teaching viewers about the basics of marketing and how to apply it to their business.”


To learn more about Dynamic North and the services that they offer, you can find out more at their website: