Photo By: Mackenzie Gerry

There are many different supports available to help Brock students find academic success throughout the school year. From accessibility services, to academic advisors, to essay writing workshops. If you need assistance, there’s almost certainly somewhere at Brock that you can find it. 

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) focuses on supporting students and encouraging independence in those with accessibility needs. SAS also helps to advocate for accessibility for students across campus. 

In general, students with learning disabilities are able to access two different services through SAS. One option is to work with a learning strategist, who provides student-specific academic strategies that are personalized and based on a student’s psycho-educational assessment. There is also an assistive technologist who can provide technological aid for students. 

A-Z Learning Services offers drop-in academic advising, academic and life skills workshops, tutoring and a program called BU101. BU101 offers free academic skills sessions which are available to complete at your own pace prior to your class start date. They help teach you some key skills for scheduling, note taking, organizing your workload and much more. A-Z Learning Services provides assistance for all students, including undergraduate, graduate, transfer, mature and Indigenous students. 

A-Z Learning Services is also a great resource to help you find academic advisors to manage all of your academic needs and assist with developing strategies on how to reach out to your professor to inquire about your academic priorities.

 You are also able to book appointments either online or in person with your program or faculty-specific academic advisor to discuss any academic concerns, which include but are not limited to: degree requirements, course requirements, letters of permission, graduation requirements and transfer credits. You can find your academic advisor here.

To book an academic advising appointment, visit your applicant and student self serve page on your student portal and choose ‘Appointment Bookings’. Then choose ‘Advising Services’. Lastly, choose the advising department and then the advisor you would like to book an appointment with 

A-Z Learning Services also offers academic and life skills workshops where they focus on a variety of skills and important topics, such as effective time management, goal setting, deadline planning and essay writing. 

Keep in mind, these services are all free of charge for students and these are just a few examples of the skills you can gain when you sign up for pre-scheduled sessions with A-Z Learning Services.

Academic life at Brock can be difficult to manage, but surely with the right knowledge and resources behind you, this academic year at Brock will be as painless as possible.