Womens Lacrosse won the silver medal 
in the OUA finals;

Photo Courtesy of: gobadgers.ca

The Brock Press’ 2015 Athletic Awards

As 2015 has come to a conclusion, it’s only right to hand out some awards to the athletes at Brock. These awards look at performance from January 2015 to December 2015. Here are the award handouts fr...

The Brock Press Time Machine

Michael took a look back at an article, “Pearson and Diefenbaker must go” from the November 19th, 1965 issue of The Brock Press. Have things really changed 50 years later? With the new Canadian flag ...
THE BROCK PRESS/Brittany Brooks

The invention of the printing press

The most important individual in the last millennium is Johann Gutenberg, inventor of the printing press, according to CNN. The printing press led to the widespread publication of the Bible and massi...
Brock Press 50 _ photo by Brittany

The Brock Press time capsule

The Brock Press is truly a Badger tradition, being established at the time the University was founded 50 years ago. Over the summer, we commissioned Stephen Chartrand, our External News Editor to cat...