Manning calls it quits on a hall of fame career /

Peyton Manning: a legacy career

We knew the day would eventually come, and on March 7 the “sheriff” ended his career after 18 years in the NFL. Peyton Manning, who concluded his career after a Super Bowl win with the Denver Broncos...
Did Peyton Manning’s legacy end on top? /

Manning earns second Super Bowl ring

The Super Bowl: a time of the year where cities shut down and everyone draws their attention to what some would claim to be the most important game of the year. But this Super Bowl was more important...
Julian Edelman catches a pass from Tom Brady, prior to his injury;

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The weekly NFL recap: Week 10

Week 10 into the NFL and we have seen some pretty interesting outcomes from the Denver Bronco’s losing to Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots beating the New York Giants for the first tim...