Zachary Rose and Justin Bedi talked to students at the advocacy table / Melanie Pfaeffli

OUSA campaigning for tuition freeze

Students in Ontario pay the highest amount of tuition across Canada, a fact very evident for Brock students when they take a look at that heart-wrenching number listed on the ‘Financial History’ tab ...

I should’ve gotten a BA in fast food

In Ontario today, there seems to be an increasing number of career options and a decreasing number of career choices, especially in the Niagara Region in which many college and university students of...
Brock’s annual Brock Open fencing tournament has biggest turnout ever;

Christy Mitchell/ The Brock Press

Brock hosts annual fencing tournament

Since the opening of Brock University in 1964, one of the longest athletic programs within the campus is the sport of fencing. It was also one of the first five sports the school received approval to...