Brock’s annual Brock Open fencing tournament has biggest turnout ever;

Christy Mitchell/ The Brock Press

Brock hosts annual fencing tournament

Since the opening of Brock University in 1964, one of the longest athletic programs within the campus is the sport of fencing. It was also one of the first five sports the school received approval to...
Emily Schaefer ready to take on the wrestling elite;

Christy Mitchell/  The Brock Press

Internal Profiles: Emily Schaefer

Some people are born talented. No one knows where it comes from but they simply have that natural ability to excel at any sport. When you add motivation, dedication and maybe a bit of luck into the m...

Canada’s role in the Syrian crisis

Ontario has pledged to spend $10.5 million to help bring in approximately 10,000 refugees from Syria, according to a press release by the Toronto Star. Sentiments have been stirred all across the Wes...