Austin Gagnier has played the lead role in the past two BMT productions / Christy Mitchell

Internal Profiles: Austin Gagnier

Austin Gagnier is a second-year Concurrent Education student whose overwhelming talent has garnered him the lead roles in the past two consecutive Brock Musical Theatre (BMT) productions. Gagnier gre...
Brett Straus shared his experience with mental health and anxiety at BrockTalks;

Christy Mitchell/ The Brock Press

Internal Profiles: Brett Straus

Our society is so conducive to creating lifestyles riddled with high stress, anxiety and sometimes even depression that the prevalence of these issues continues to rise on a national level. Brett Str...
Emily Schaefer ready to take on the wrestling elite;

Christy Mitchell/  The Brock Press

Internal Profiles: Emily Schaefer

Some people are born talented. No one knows where it comes from but they simply have that natural ability to excel at any sport. When you add motivation, dedication and maybe a bit of luck into the m...
Photo Courtesy of: TheBrockNews

Internal Profiles: Tim O’Connell

Internal Profiles is a brand new segment for the internal news section at The Brock Press. The purpose of these pieces is to highlight those special individuals in the Brock community who have made a...