Peyton Manning returns to action for the Broncos;

NFL week 17 concludes: Playoff predictions

Super Bowl 50 is just around the corner and for most football fans, we’ve made sure to make February 7 clear so that we can focus on gathering our buddies together and get those big screen TVs ready ...
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The weekly NFL recap: Week 11

With all the controversy back in 2011 when quarterback Carson Palmer left his former team. The Cincinnati Bengals, the now Arizona Cardinals QB was finally able to stick it to his former team on a ga...
Seattle’s Marshawn Lynch breaks a tackle to get good yards;

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Week 8: The NFL weekly recap

From the Saints to the Seahawks, we’ve got all the major news from Week 8 Week eight into the NFL and some of us are probably feeling pretty worried about our fantasy team, that is, unless you have e...
Greg Hardy returns to the NFL after serving his suspension;
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NFL week six recap – Greg Hardy’s back

For those who are like me, Sunday’s consist of sitting on the couch all day and either screaming at the TV or dancing around the living room depending on how my football team is doing. If you’re like...