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Brockpress.com is your HQ for everything to do with BUSU’s 2017/2018 Executive Elections. Check out this page for updates on candidate platforms, exclusive interviews and debate performances.


Board of Trustees (1 year term)


Tarun Kataria

Board of Trustees (2 year term)


No Candidates

Vice President External Affairs


Istafa Sufi
 Olivier Kayitaba
 Nadia Bathish

Vice President Finance and Administration


Aidan Hibma
 David Stark
 Jordan Albanese
 Amalia Banava
Brandon Schofield

Vice President Student Services

Maddy Wassink
 Nathan Chick
 Ngozichukwu Ozoemena



Faisal Hejazi 
Mel Gencer
 Peter Henen


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