new year new you

My New Year’s resolution

Although January is already over, I thought it would be wise to look back on the phenomena of New Year’s Resolutions and see just how successful we all have been at sticking to them. If you are an...

If You #BellLetsTalk the Talk

How apt that this article begins this year of writing in much the same vein that last year ended, with a discussion around Mental Health and the stigma in our society. With a year having elapsed I th...
Bombs destined for Syria signed ‘From Paris with Love’

Paris and the democratizing of the murder

The West is once again at a point of sober reflection on the meaning of life and murder in the age of insecurity, risk, ‘terrorism’, the permanence of war, regional wars and the prospect of a full-ou...

Opinion: Students should defend tenure

Academic tenure has a negative reputation among university students, most of whom think that professors stop caring as soon as they get their tenure. It is creepy that students are buying into this a...

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