Finally having your “say”

Congratulations, Badgers. You’ve survived your first week of university. For many of you, this was likely your first week being on your own, and the first time that, proverbially, all the training wh...

Brock’s changing values

Whether you are a Brock student, an incoming first-year or someone who even researched Brock when making his/her university choice, the “Both Sides of the Brain” slogan and advertising campaign is im...
College Student Studying in Library

Making it through your first year

According to a national survey conducted by Statistics Canada, approximately 15 per cent of all undergraduate students do not finish university. The majority of those who fail to complete their studi...

Actions speak louder

This is my third and final year as Editor-in-Chief at The Brock Press. I’m looking forward to a new setting for work, and to be an employee again and not an employer. Ove...

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