Attention ASTR 1F00 Gamer:
You are so awesome and cool. I can't believe you play video-games during lecture, even in the front row. You're such a rebel. not even bound by traditional nerd ste...

First female speaker of the House

In the U.S. Congress last week Nancy Pelosi became the first female Speaker of the House. The Democrats won a house majority in the congressional midterms earlier this month.
The house minor...

York group causes outrage

Excalibur (York University)
TORONTO (CUP) - Pamphlets distributed by the Campus Coalition of Zionists group at York University have some students concerned the material was Islamophobic.

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Peace Teach-in at Mosque
Recently, Samah Marei, director of the Cortaba Foundation, and Brock Chaplain, Murtaza Najmudin decided to organize an event dedicated to promoting knowledge of the n...

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