Candidate report cards

The Brock Press sat down with the four BUSU presidential candidates for a platform-specific question period. Each candidate was assigned a grade based on their answers.We judged the candidates on ...

Censorship of the press coming to you

Large Canadian news networks have been reluctant to cover an issue that is pitting the fundamental individual freedoms of Canadians against the ever-encroaching power of the state. While CNN, the ...

Meet the Candidates

President Candidates:Name: Shawn Carter
Program & Year:
Political Science, 3rd year
Position you are running for:
BUSU President

What are the most pressing issues...

Elections 2008

Monie GrewalBachelor of Accounting, second yearIf BUSU will be looking into adding another building or wing for the business department with Taro falling apart.Melissa DolSociology, second yearWha...

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