Dès 1912, l’industrie du textile, surtout la société Empire Cotton Mills à Welland, a recruté les premiers immigrants francophones à venir dans la région Niagara / welland.library.on.ca

La francophonie dans la region de Niagara

Le 20 mars a été célébrée la Journée internationale de la francophonie à travers le monde. De la France à Haïti et de la Chine au Brésil, des concours, spectacles, manifestations et festivals ont eu ...
The Great Synagogue of Tunis/ divine-name.info

Religion and University Life

The role of religion on a university campus is a complex one. Most universities (including Brock) receive some public funding and are considered public institutions, therefore, connections and affili...
Milan Doczy poses in front of Isaac Brock Statue / Christy Mitchell

Following up with Milan Doczy

In 1998, the Winter Olympic Games helped create a generation of dreamers in the Czech Republic as young children watched their hockey heroes win a Gold Medal in men’s Hockey. While the games might ha...
The Brock Student Sexual Violence Support Centre / Melanie Pfaeffli

Myths about sexual violence

BREAKING THE MYTHS AROUND SEXUAL VIOLENCE When it comes to controversial issues, many tend to be hushed over and not talked about. One such issue is sexual violence. While it rema...

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