Focus Piece. Picture 3. Safe Space (leveller_ca)

Trigger Warning and Safe Space Culture

However cliché it may be, I still cling to the idea that the university is a place where one’s deepest beliefs not only can but should be challenged. It is a place where ideas and opinions, however i...
Dès 1912, l’industrie du textile, surtout la société Empire Cotton Mills à Welland, a recruté les premiers immigrants francophones à venir dans la région Niagara /

La francophonie dans la region de Niagara

Le 20 mars a été célébrée la Journée internationale de la francophonie à travers le monde. De la France à Haïti et de la Chine au Brésil, des concours, spectacles, manifestations et festivals ont eu ...
The Great Synagogue of Tunis/

Religion and University Life

The role of religion on a university campus is a complex one. Most universities (including Brock) receive some public funding and are considered public institutions, therefore, connections and affili...
Milan Doczy poses in front of Isaac Brock Statue / Christy Mitchell

Following up with Milan Doczy

In 1998, the Winter Olympic Games helped create a generation of dreamers in the Czech Republic as young children watched their hockey heroes win a Gold Medal in men’s Hockey. While the games might ha...

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