Though it’s hard to separate the faux-ladybugs from the real ones, those with no dots are secret government spying devices

The Brockoli

Millions of ladybugs infested the Brock University campus over the past two weeks, though not all of them were truly the bugs they seemed to be. The black-spotted orange beetles belong to the Harm...
dormroomdiy1 (1)

DIY: No space? No problem!

Stacked plastic shelves We all have them – the cheap, plastic see-through organizers that seemed to be ‘too good of a deal to pass up’ when walking through Wal-mart’s furnishings ...

Mackenzie Chown mystery “debunked”

O n Oct. 8, archaeologists from the Classics Department at Brock led an expedition to find the long-lost “I” Block of Mackenzie Chown. While many know the maze-like structure of the building, some...

The Brock Press Time Machine

Michael took a look back at an article, “Pearson and Diefenbaker must go” from the November 19th, 1965 issue of The Brock Press. Have things really changed 50 years later? With the new Ca...

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