CD Review: Weezer

WeezerThis is it? This is what Weezer fans have been frothing at the mouth over for the last five years? How very disappointing.
Granted, people’s expectations were r...

CD Review: Radiohead Amnesiac

AmnesiacRadiohead’s latest album, Amnesiac, is hardly going to win over those fans lost by Kid A. While it’s recognizably Radiohead, those looking f...

Toward a scholarship of teaching

The Brock University Centre for Teaching, Learning and Educational Technologies (CTLET) (Barry W. K. Joe, director; Jill Grose, associate director; and Graham Passmore, web instructional design sp...

CD Review: Rufus Wainright, Poses

Rufus Wainright
PosesWhere irony rules, and romanticism is left to the Celine Dions of the world, Montreal balladeer Rufus Wainright’s newest album is like a blanket to wrap your...

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