About Tim Stacey

Tim Stacey is in his sixth year at the Brock Press, having started as Internal News Assistant Editor in his first year at Brock. Due to his work at the paper, his studies have stretched past the usual four years, and he is currently finishing his Bachelor of Arts degree in music, playing alto saxophone for his practical studies and enjoying his time in the Brock choir otherwise.

Editor’s greeting

To our readers, supporters and partners in the community, Happy Holidays! Another semester is done, as is the first fifteen issues of our 50th volume! It’s been such a big year for the paper and the ...

Black Friday: killer savings

It’s that time of year; students are either working on essays or getting a head-start on exam preparation, or both. The oddly balmy weather makes its feeble last stand before giving into winter, and ...

2014: A shirt oddity

Two notable things happened last Wednesday: 1) For the first time ever, a probe sent by mankind successfully landed on a comet, and 2) somehow a shirt worn by one of the project scientists responsibl...