About Tim Stacey

Tim Stacey is in his sixth year at the Brock Press, having started as Internal News Assistant Editor in his first year at Brock. Due to his work at the paper, his studies have stretched past the usual four years, and he is currently finishing his Bachelor of Arts degree in music, playing alto saxophone for his practical studies and enjoying his time in the Brock choir otherwise.

C-51 calls for careful consideration

It’s rather concerning when a piece of legislation with the potential to redefine the state of security in Canada is presented in such an unscrupulous manner. Bill C-51 will grant significant new pow...
Oscar Statues on display at the Time War

The first annual Broscars Awards

In recognition of the best and brightest parts of the ever-evolving culture on our campus Once again, the first year of the ever-famous and utterly glamorous Broscars Awards returns to highlight the ...
THE BROCK PRESS/Brittany Brooks

Ter-ror-ism, noun

Have you ever tried saying a word so often in repetition that it no longer sounds like anything? After only a few dozen iterations, it quickly loses meaning and becomes an arbitrary sequence of noise...

The Brockoli

Snow Day changes University closure standards On February 2 Brock University closed its doors due to severe weather conditions for the first time this academic year, and then the powers-that-be have ...